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Cupcakes (Thurlow) – Christmas Cupcakes

Last Christmas, my sweetie surprised me with some special Christmas cupcakes from the Cupcakes location on Thurlow. Read the rest of this entry

Cakeaters Edible Art – Cupcakes

It’s been a little over a year since Cakeaters opened up their little shop in Champlain Heights so I’m assuming their business is going okay.  As I mentioned on my last post, this particular location was a revolving door for different shops that have come and gone over the years so it’s nice that there’s a little stability for now. Read the rest of this entry

Bell’s Bake Shop – Buttercream Goodness

I had originally wanted to try Outpost Mini Donut Co. out in Storybrooke, er, I mean Steveston, but they were closed (despite their facebook page saying they open at 10am everyday)… grrr!  Hate it when someone’s website has incorrect information.  Fortunately, I did have a fall back plan on this bright and sunny Saturday morning… namely Bell’s Bake Shop. Read the rest of this entry

Cupcakes (Thurlow) – Nutella Cupcake

I’ve never actually watched The Cupcake Girls on tv so I can’t say if the show is any good but, despite the rather poor ratings on Urbanspoon, I actually liked the cupcakes that we got from here. Read the rest of this entry

Goldilocks – Filipino Bakery

Goldilocks is a Filipino bakery/cafe that serves both designer cakes (they have a large display of sample cakes – mainly kids themed) as well as Filipino entrees.  We usually only come here for the pastries though.

Read the rest of this entry

Cakeaters Edible Art

We were driving around Champlain Crescent the other day and noticed that a new bakery shop had opened up next to the corner store.  This location has been like the Bermuda Triangle of shops – there’s been a number of different stores that have opened and closed here… from cafes to video stores, salons to even a small church.  Hopefully, this little cake shop will break the curse. Read the rest of this entry