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Sunshine Cafe (Crystal Mall): Japanese-Style Beef Curry

Most of the time, when I head out for lunch, I’ve got an inkling of an idea where I’ll wind up… but I tend to have horrendous luck when it comes to trying new (to me) places. Such was the case one day in late August… I had plans to try a different restaurant for lunch only to find out that they were closed for lunch service. So instead, I wound up driving aimlessly for a bit until I found myself in the Crystal Mall parking lot.
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Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant: Lunch Add-Ons

Green & Oak is one of the newer Malaysian restaurants in town and situated just east of Boundary Road on Hastings Street. We arrived in mid-April (right before they were set to temporarily close down for some kitchen renovations) for a late lunch/early dinner and were fortunate that they were still offering their special lunch add-on menu (where you can order smaller versions of their appies).
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