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East is East (Main St): The Silk Route Feast

Many moons ago, I recall reading about the Silk Route in Social Studies. Truthfully, I don’t remember much about it. But if it tasted as good as our visit to East is East, maybe I would have remembered more.
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Curry House CoCo Ichibanya – Shibuya (Tokyo 2016): Japanese Curry

One of the best meals that I had in Japan was when we came across this curry house while we were in Shibuya. Curry House Coco Ichibanya is a popular chain that’s been around since 1978. Read the rest of this entry

Cafe de l’Orangerie – Japanese Italian Fusion

Cafe de l’Orangerie has been on my list of places to try for quite some time… especially since I enjoy both Japanese and Italian food.
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Thai Express (Metrotown) – Food Court Eats

Thai Express opened up in the Metrotown food court earlier this year… it’s more like Thai-ish food that’s been modified to work in a fast food environment.
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Naan Bites – Queensborough Landing

Naan Bites is a popular eatery in Queensborough Landing. I actually tried to come here twice but it was so busy on each visit that I wound up going to nearby Pho Express Angkor instead.
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Jitlada Thai Restaurant – Small But Tasty Dishes

I’ve been wanting to try Jitlada for a very long time… but, for whatever reason, we haven’t been able to find the time.
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Thai New West – Thai Food in Sapperton

You know, I love restaurant names that are unambiguous.  Take, for example, Thai New West… it’s a Thai restaurant located in New West.  It’s not like Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant that’s not actually on Cambie St. Read the rest of this entry

Thai House (Fairview) – All You Can Eat Thai Food

Although we like the Thai House, we haven’t been back to this particular location for a long time.  In fact, this was the first Thai restaurant that we’ve ever tried (all the way back in the late 80’s).  If you’ve ever been to the Thai House, you know that they have a fairly extensive menu.  I remember being surprised on our first visit when the waiter knew each dish by number and took the orders at our table all by memory and got it all right (and we had a big group of people with us). Read the rest of this entry

U & I Thai – Red Curry Duck with Lychee

Just before Christmas last year, we were making a concerted effort to avoid shopping at malls due to all of the crowds.  We found ourselves around the Cambie area and I remembered that there was a new Thai restaurant that opened up in the old SalaThai spot.

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Bob Likes Thai Food

The thing that I like about restaurants with unambiguous names is you don’t have to guess what kind of food they serve.  Take, for example, Bob Likes Thai Food on Main Street… it’s a pretty good bet that they serve Thai food. Read the rest of this entry

Lhy Thai – Thai Food in Burnaby

For some reason, there’s not that many Thai restaurants in Burnaby.  I guess because of that fact, Lhy Thai is able to enjoy a fairly popular following in the Edmonds area.  It probably doesn’t hurt that the large selection of lunch specials is pretty cheap too. Read the rest of this entry

Malay Curry House

As I mentioned in our post for Penang Delight Cafe, it’s not always easy to find a good Malaysian restaurant in South-East Vancouver.  I had read some good reviews about Malay Curry House on Kingsway so I was determined to try them out after work one day.  As luck would have it, I called for take-out on a Wednesday (apparently they’re closed on Tuesdays). Read the rest of this entry