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Tamura’s Market – Wahiawa (Hawaii 2019): Deli-Store Poke

One of the things that we discovered on our previous trips to Oahu is that you can get quality poke (diced raw fish) in just about any place. We found that out when we popped into a local grocery/liquor store called Tamura’s. Since that time, we’ve stopped by a few more of the Tamura’s locations whenever we’re on a road trip and needing something to eat.
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Coco Cove (Hawaii 2018): It’s Always Time for Poke

Coco Cove is one of the many grocery stores that dot the Waikiki area. Inside, you can find everything from hot prepared foods to frozen ice cream mochi. But the reason why we came here (3 times during our last trip to Waikiki) was because they also have a large selection of poke available within walking distance to our hotel and the beach.
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Abeno Harukas (Kintetsu Department Store): Osaka 2017

Abeno Harukas may be the tallest building in Osaka but what you really need to do when you visit is go down to the basement. Like many of the large department store buildings in Japan, the basement is where you can find all types of foods… from prepared deli items, to desserts, and hot items.
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Whole Foods Market (Burnaby) – Rainbow of Colours

I’ve been impressed with Whole Foods since the first day that we visited. Sure, their prices are sometimes higher than other grocery stores, but the quality of items and the service makes up for it.
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Jackson’s Meat & Deli

Jackson’s Meat & Deli is self-described as the oldest meat market in Vancouver, dating back to 1911. Yet walking inside their spiffy West 4th location, you’d hardly guess it.
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Beira Mar Deli

Beira Mar Deli, like nearby Kea’s Meats & Deli, is located in the middle of nowhere among a mix of semi-industrial/residential buildings.
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Kea’s Meats & Deli

Kea’s Meats & Deli is a popular butcher shop that’s located in the middle of nowhere. I’ve worked nearby for years and never even knew this place existed.
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A Taste of Ukraine (Burnaby)

A Taste of Ukraine is a mixed-use store that comprises a deli, grocery store, and gift ware shop. If you’ve got a craving for some Eastern European fare, this is an interesting place to stop by.

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Dunn’s Famous – Smoked Meat and Chicken Combo

I had a rare visit to downtown Vancouver in mid-November so my lunch date took me to Dunn’s Famous (which has been on my to-do lists for a while).  The interior of the restaurant was mainly a collection of blacks and reds with black high-back leather bench seating, black chairs and tables, and red seat cushions. Read the rest of this entry

BJ Bakery – Polish Bakery and Deli

I have to tell you, I was surprised to find that I couldn’t locate an Urbanspoon listing for BJ Bakery when I came home today.  Located in a little mini mall with a 7-11 and a vet clinic on Royal Oak, it’s only a few doors down from Elite Bakery, Makoto Japanese Restaurant and Georgio’s Cafe & PizzeriaRead the rest of this entry

Benny’s Market – Beer Sausage

Last in our lineup of revisits for now is Benny’s Market.

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Armando’s Finest Quality Meats (Granville Island)

Armando’s is a full service meat shop that’s been located in Granville Island since the early 80’s and, along with Tenderland Meats, one of the many shops we frequent whenever we drop by the Market. Read the rest of this entry