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Jules Cafe – Traditional Breakfast

It’s been about 4 years since we first visited Jules Cafe in South Burnaby. Since that time, the prices have gone up a bit. I recall being able to order the Traditional Breakfast for under $5. I suppose with our Canadian dollar the way it is right now, it’s difficult for places to keep up with the price of food.
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The Cannery Cafe – Nice Breakfast Spot in Steveston

The Cannery Cafe in Steveston is probably best known for serving as the location of Granny’s Diner in the TV show Once Upon A Time. When I arrived here for breakfast one morning, I was actually surprised that the interior doesn’t resemble the set on OUAT.
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Hilltop Diner – Blast From the Past

As someone who lives and works around Vancouver/Burnaby, I don’t usually find myself out in the sticks very often. Okay, Fort Langley isn’t exactly the sticks… but I did get the whole small town rural vibe going on as I got closer to my destination.
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Big 6 Restaurant – Greasy Spoon

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’ve got nothing against a greasy spoon dive… as long as the food’s good. For example, the 5 Point Cafe in Seattle is a perfect example of a greasy spoon dive where the food’s great and you’re still slightly afraid to go to the bathroom.
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Bino’s Restaurant – Old, Old School Diner

Bino’s Restaurant is a holdover from the 70’s. I recall there being a few Bino’s around town but I think most of the other locations have closed out by now.
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Amelia – Chinese Canadian Cafe

Amelia is a Chinese Canadian Cafe in New Westminster located on 12th Street (not to be confused with the similar Amelia Cafe located on 6th Street) and serves up a combination of both westernized-Chinese food and typical diner fare. Read the rest of this entry

Lost in the 50’s Drive-in

If you’ve driven along Edmonds, you’ll probably recall seeing the iconic neon sign that currently points to the Lost in the 50’s Drive-in. But the current drive-in wasn’t always underneath the heritage sign… the 20 ft tall curved arrow used to point to the Tomahawk Drive-in that occupied the spot in 1961. Read the rest of this entry

Denny’s (Bellevue) – Greasy Spoon Diner

Okay, there was really no good reason for our visit to the Denny’s on 116th Ave NE in Bellevue other than the fact that we were planning on heading out early for a trip down the Washington/Oregon coast.

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The 5 Point Café (Seattle) – Historic Dive Bar

The 5 Point Café has a storied history in Belltown (the most densely populated district in Seattle) dating back to 1929. To be honest, this was an unplanned visit so we didn’t know what we were getting into.
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The Sixth Street Grill – Roast Turkey Dinner

The Sixth Street Grill is a new restaurant that opened up in 2013 on (you guessed it) Sixth Street in New Westminster.  The restaurant is quite spacious inside with wood tones throughout.

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The Diner – Fun British Humour

When I think of British food, not much really comes to mind other than fish and chips.  My parents took us to London on vacation when I was in high school and all I remember was eating at Chinese restaurants while we were there.

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The Red Wagon – Super Trucker

The popularity of The Reg Wagon doesn’t seem to be waning much.  We came by for breakfast on a Friday morning and there was a small wait for this tiny diner.

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