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Blue Star Donuts (Portland Road Trip 2016) – Passion Fruit Cocoa Nib Donut

Ok people, let’s talk about donuts! Having been to Voodoo Doughnuts on our last Portland road trip, I knew that I wanted to try Blue Star on this go around. While Voodoo is known for their novelty donuts, Blue Star goes for the quality donut aficionado market. Their classic brioche recipe takes 18 hours for the dough to be made and all of their glazes and fillings are made fresh daily.
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Tonallis Doughnuts & Cream (Portland Road Trip 2016)

When you mention the words “Portland” and “donuts”, most people immediately think of Voodoo Doughnuts or Blue Star Donuts. But there are other donut shops in Portland. Take, for example, Tonallis Doughnuts & Cream located in the Alberta area of NE Portland. It’s actually just a few blocks away from Pine State Biscuits so we decided to pick up a few before our trip to the waterfalls.
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Leonard’s Bakery (Hawaii 2016) – Lychee Malasadas

Say it with me… “Malasadas”
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Cartems Donuterie (Mount Pleasant) – Whiskey Bacon

Vancouver loves their donut shops! Cartems Donuterie happens to be one of those specialty donut shops that gained an immense following during the epic donut craze of 2012. Last year, they opened up a new shop in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver along Main Street.
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Rocket Donuts (Bellingham) – Out of this World

So, who knew there was a downtown Bellingham? Well, I guess the people that live there I suppose. But as a visiting Canadian, my knowledge of Bellingham was generally limited to Bellis Fair Mall and the pit stop when heading further south down the I-5.
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Krispy Kreme – Halloween Doughnuts

Prior to Krispy Kreme coming to Delta, if you wanted one of their sugary pillows of deep-fried goodness, you had to drive down to the States. I recall huge line-ups… especially when their Hot Now sign was on, signaling that their donuts have just been freshly made.
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Cartems Donuterie vs. Lucky’s Doughnuts

The last time I visited Cartems, they were still in their little pop-up shop near Pigeon Park. Since that time, they’ve opened a permanent location on West Pender, closer to the downtown core. I figured this would be a good time to do a comparison between Cartems Donuterie and Lucky’s Doughnuts.
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Voodoo Doughnut Too (Portland) – Do You Voodoo Too?

If the original location of Voodoo Doughnut is too busy, you can always try their second location (appropriately named Voodoo Doughnut Too) located at NE Davis St. This spot is also open 24 hours a day and happens to have an ample parking lot.

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Voodoo Doughnut (Portland) – Mango Tango and Voodoo Doll

Vancouver saw a surge in unique donut shops a couple of years ago (and I’m not talking about Tim Hortons). I’m sure that the popularity of the unusual doughnuts that made Voodoo Doughnut famous inspired many of the donuterie shops that we’ve seen pop up in Vancouver.

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Lucky’s Doughnuts (Kits)

Earlier this year, Forty Ninth Parallel Cafe opened up a new location in Kits.  Considering the fact that I don’t drink coffee, you might be wondering why I even care.  Well, the best reason has to do with Lucky’s Doughnuts.

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Lucky’s Doughnuts – Chocolate Old Fashioned and Coconut Bismark

“Wanna get lucky?”… before you get the wrong idea, I’m talking about Lucky’s Doughnuts.

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Honey Doughnut and Goodies – Maple Bacon Doughnut

[Start of PSA] So, I just got an email from someone at Health Canada asking me to help people become aware that March is Nutrition Month (read more about it here).  I figured what better way to accomplish this than by having a week long theme of the healthiest foods you can eat?  First off, we’ll talk about doughnuts and then we’ll move onto pies… [End of PSA]

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