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Tableau Bar Bistro – Buttermilk Fried Cornish Game Hen

Tableau Bar Bistro is located on Melville Street in the boutique Loden Hotel. I was looking for a place to go to for our anniversary and felt that nothing impresses more than a French bistro.
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Yew Seafood + Bar (Brunch)

I’m not sure why, but lately, we’ve been getting caught up in parade traffic… first, we got caught up in the Chinese New Year Parade when we went down to visit Phnom Penh in Chinatown, then we got caught up in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade trying to get down to Yew Seafood + Bar for a brunch visit.
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Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar – Crispy Sticky Chicken Wings

When I first heard that they closed Fleuri at the Sutton Place Hotel, I thought… “Oh no! No more chocolate buffet!”. Truth be told, it’s been well over a decade since I last visited and tried their chocolate buffet. So perhaps it’s a good thing that they tried to reinvent the place – there’s just so much chocolate that one person can eat.
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Café Medina – Prepare for a Wait

Ok, so seriously… where do all of these people who snake around the outside of Café Medina come from? I swear, every time I look, there’s always a lineup… just like at Anton’s Pasta Bar.
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Mosaic Grille & Bar – Breakfast Buffet Revisit

It never fails for me… I try a restaurant out and enjoy it so much that I can’t wait to revisit… but, for some reason, it never lives up to that first visit. Take, for example, Mosaic Grille. I visited earlier in the year and had a truly wonderful experience with their breakfast buffet. I brought my honey here in September and wound up with less-than-stellar food and service delivery.
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Cartems Donuterie vs. Lucky’s Doughnuts

The last time I visited Cartems, they were still in their little pop-up shop near Pigeon Park. Since that time, they’ve opened a permanent location on West Pender, closer to the downtown core. I figured this would be a good time to do a comparison between Cartems Donuterie and Lucky’s Doughnuts.
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Archimallows – Sweets from my Sweet

Does anyone remember that song “Sweets for my Sweet” by Chriss back in 1986? Keep reading and you’ll find out where I’m going with this.
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Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge

It’s appropriate that they chose the name Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge. Bacchus, the Greek god of wine and revelry, epitomizes opulence and indulgence. When you enter the lounge, you can see the rich wood tones and the upholstered furniture. Read the rest of this entry

Bella Gelateria – Mint Chocolate Chip

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Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar (Coal Harbour)

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Miku Restaurant – Zen and the Passion Fruit Praline Dome

I’ve been looking for a reason to head downtown and visit Miku ever since we tried Minami in Yaletown. Previously located on West Hastings in Coal Harbour, Miku moved into the old Aqua Riva location next to Canada Place. After having a long couple of months at work, I decided to take half a day off and treat myself to some tasty Japanese cuisine.

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Grilled Cheese Grill and Euro Dish (Portland) – Food Carts

One place that we knew we had to try during our visit to Portland wasn’t a specific restaurant. Rather, it was the food cart scene. Portland is renowned for the number of food carts that they have (approximately 600 compared to Vancouver’s roughly 100 food carts). But does more mean better?

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