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Dundarave Fish Market

Dundarave Fish Market is not just a fish market… it’s also a restaurant.  We found ourselves in the neighbourhood late one day and decided to stop by for dinner.  When the fish market is closed, they expand the restaurant by placing tables in front of the fish counter/display.  Read the rest of this entry


The Bakehouse in Dundarave – Posh Smoked Salmon Brunch

We were up in the Dundarave area early one morning but had some trouble finding somewhere to eat.  We were originally going to try the Dundarave Fish Market but, when we walked in, they told us the restaurant side wasn’t open until 11am so we trodded back down the block to try out The Bakehouse in Dundarave again. Read the rest of this entry

The Bakehouse in Dundarave – More Than Just Pies

It was a bright, sunny weekend when we found ourselves looking for breakfast options out in Dundarave.  At first, we were hesitant in trying out The Bakehouse because we thought they just served pies but, once we walked in, we were glad to discover that they also serve a bunch of breakfast and lunch options too. Read the rest of this entry

Red Lion Bar & Grill

If you were to ask me to describe examples of English cuisine, I probably couldn’t name anything other than fish and chips and bangers and mash.  Fortunately, there’s a pub located in Dundarave that helps to dispel the common myth that British food is nothing to write home about.  Read the rest of this entry