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De Dutch Pannekoek House (New West): Go for the Pancakes

De Dutch Pannekoek House has been a staple in the Columbia Square complex in New West for a number of years but I never found a reason to drop by here until recently, when I discovered my planned destination was closed (that actually happens to me more frequently than I care for).
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Angelina’s Dutch Corner: Good Food and Slow Service

It’s been a number of years since my last visit to Angelina’s Dutch Corner but they’ve recently moved into a new location at the River Market at the Quay. I’ve got to admit that I like their new digs… much more open, airy, and bright compared to their last location. The only bad thing here is that the noise inside the restaurant seems to echo and amplify making for a loud din.
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Angelina’s Restaurant – Big Pannekoek

Angelina’s Restaurant is a tiny little Dutch restaurant located next to the Boathouse in New West.
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Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe – The Windmill Pannekoek

There’s something about the interior of the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe that reminds me a bit of The Diner.  I mean, sure… The Diner is British while the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe is, um, Dutch.  Nevertheless, the kitschy knick knacks from the Netherlands is very reminiscent of the tchotchkes at The Diner.

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