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Top Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant: Winter Melon Soup

Top Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant is located in a cramped little mini mall on the corner of Kingsway and Earles in Vancouver. When we arrived for dinner on a weekend, we were surprised that it wasn’t overly busy (usually not a good sign for a Chinese restaurant).
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Flamingo Chinese Restaurant: Lobster with Sticky Rice and Dim Sum

Flamingo Chinese Restaurant is one of our go-to places for Chinese dinner… especially since they moved to their new location on SE Marine Drive. Sure, the new location isn’t as big as their old place, but it is closer for us.
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Fortune House Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

Fortune House Seafood Restaurant often gets discounted because it’s located in Metrotown and, let’s be honest, the lineup here can get rather discouraging during the peak dim sum hours.
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