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Burgoo (Kits): Comfort Food

This isn’t my first time dining at Burgoo. I mean, a place dedicated to comfort food? Why am I not here more often?
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Swiss Bakery – Frissant

If you’re looking for a Cronut™ in Vancouver, you might be out of luck since that croissant-doughnut name is trademarked. Instead, you can head down to Swiss Bakery and pick up a Frissant – a portmanteau of “fritter” and “croissant”. It’s hard to believe that the whole process of making these yummy creations of fried laminated dough takes 3 days – perhaps that’s why these go so fast.
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Café Medina – Prepare for a Wait

Ok, so seriously… where do all of these people who snake around the outside of Café Medina come from? I swear, every time I look, there’s always a lineup… just like at Anton’s Pasta Bar.
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