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Dynasty Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

It’s been a few years since we were last at Dynasty Seafood Restaurant on West Broadway. I suppose that’s why we didn’t remember that they have free underground parking in the back (just remember to not pay in the parking lot and give your stall number to the restaurant)… they really need bigger signs for this.
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Vana Vietnamese Cuisine (City Square)

As I mentioned on my review of Teya Grill, we found ourselves in the food court of City Square. There’s a lot of empty food stalls here and it’s rarely busy. I decided to try Vana because I was in the mood for Vietnamese food.
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Teya Grill (City Square)

Teya Grill is one of the few food stalls in City Square. I’m not sure why, but the food court here is really pathetic and hardly used. I suppose there’s plenty of places for people to eat if they head down a couple blocks to Broadway.
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Thai House (Fairview) – AYCE Brunch

So, it’s been about 2 years since our last visit to the Thai House located on 7th Ave. We were in the neighbourhood and had a craving for their all-you-can-eat brunch. Not so much for the amount of food that you can get at an AYCE, but because we like having a variety of dishes.
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Banana Leaf – Christmas Set Menu

We’ve been to the Banana Leaf restaurant located on West Broadway a number of times in the past and keep returning because the food’s pretty good and the drinks aren’t that bad either.
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La Taqueria (Cambie Street)

I’ve been looking forward to trying out La Taqueria for quite some time. The location on Cambie Street near Broadway always seems so busy whenever I pass by. Fortunately, I managed to visit seconds before the lunch crowd rushed through the door.
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Siena – Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Siena is a cozy Italian restaurant located on West 12th (just off Granville) and takes the name from the city/province of Siena in Tuscany, Italy.
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Peaceful Restaurant

After my previous bad luck experience trying to visit Peaceful Restaurant (see my visit to Old Ginger), I finally managed to stop by when Peaceful was open. It was still quite busy around 1:30pm but, fortunately, the tables were moving quickly and I got a seat with little waiting.
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Old Ginger

Not all ginger is the same. The proponents of ginger state that young ginger tends to lower body temperature (useful for hyperthyroidism or fevers) whereas old ginger raises body temperature. Truth be told, however, I didn’t plan on visiting Old Ginger on this cold December day.
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Cactus Club Cafe (Broadway & Ash)

Cactus Club has changed a lot since they first opened in 1988. Back then, the decor was filled top-to-bottom with kitschy cows. Since then, Cactus has grown up to be the epitome of stylish chain restaurants.
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Memphis Blues Barbeque House (Fairview) – Rib Ends and Deep Fried Oysters

To some people, the style of barbecue that you prefer can be as contentious as which Hogwarts House you align with.
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Vij’s Rangoli

I finally had the chance to stop by Vij’s Rangoli on West 11th recently and was super impressed by the flavours. They’ve done a good job of tempering the spices as not to overwhelm the palates of their regular visitors. Read the rest of this entry