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Hi Five 24 – Baked and Fried Chicken

If you’re looking for comfort food, you don’t have to go much further than fried chicken. In the whole debate over who has the best fast food fried chicken in town… for my money, it’s always been Church’s > KFC. Of course, LA Chicken beats all of them but I put LA Chicken in a whole other class by themselves.
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Yokohama World Porters (Japan 2016): Food Court

During our trip to Japan, we spent most of our time in the major areas of Tokyo but decided to take a day trip to nearby Yokohama (about an hour away by train). Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan by population (after the 23 special wards of Tokyo). It’s important to remember that Yokohama is a city within the Kanagawa prefecture while Tokyo is a nearby prefecture in and of itself.
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McDonald’s – Bunkyō (Tokyo 2016): Breakfast

It’s hard to believe but the Land of the Rising Sun had their first taste of the Golden Arches back in 1971 when a McDonald’s opened in Ginza. Since then, McDonald’s has grown to become a staple in Japan. Staying near the Suidōbashi Station during our trip to Japan meant that it was easy to grab a quick breakfast at this particular McDonald’s located across from Tokyo Dome and on the outer portion of the Kanda River Aqueduct.
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McDonald’s Ginza Store Inns (Tokyo 2016): McNuggets and Melon Fanta

After a long day of walking through Chūō (from Tsukiji to Ginza), we were desperately seeking some rest and nourishment when we came across a familiar sight… the Golden Arches of McDonald’s!
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Bronco Belle BBQ & Grill

Located in the same Brentwood food court as Roasty Jack, Bronco Belle BBQ & Grill serves up… you guessed it… bbq and grill items.
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McDonald’s – The Super Terrific Happy Big Breakfast McMuffin

The McDonald’s located at Still Creek in Burnaby has been around as long as I can remember.
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McDonald’s (Lynn Valley)

I’ve written before about my tendency to turn my McDonald’s Big Breakfast meals into a Super Terrific Happy Big Breakfast McMuffin.
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A&W (Highgate) – Homestyle Sausage n’ Egger

Most A&W locations nowadays are found near or inside malls but the location on Kingsway near Highgate almost looks like a throwback to the glory days of a bygone era.  It’s quite unusual to still find such a large stand-alone A&W in Vancouver.  While not operating as a drive-in (they do have a 24-hour drive through though), this location seems like they have enough space for it if that fad ever came back. Read the rest of this entry

Wendy’s (Kingsway)

I miss the Wendy’s tv commercials with founder Dave Thomas.  I think ever since he passed on, Wendy’s has been going downhill.  They used to have a number of different salad options at a reasonable price but the selection has gotten worse over time (and more expensive)… I know… who goes to a fast food joint for a salad?  Still, sometimes you’re in a rush and you don’t have a salad spinner on you. Read the rest of this entry

Carl’s Jr. (Las Vegas – McCarran Airport)

This is our last post on Las Vegas for a while and it’s only fitting that we end this trip at the Carl’s Jr. located at McCarran Airport.   Read the rest of this entry