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Troll’s Restaurant: Tasty Food and Huge Servings

After a fun visit to Whytecliff Park, we headed to nearby Horseshoe Bay to grab some lunch and wound up at Troll’s. It’s hard to miss this popular eatery as it’s located right on the corner of Bay Street and Royal Avenue.
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The Heritage Grill: New West Eats

Located at the corner of Columbia and Church in New Westminster, The Heritage Grill is a bar that serves up typical casual eats as well as breakfast until 3pm. I dropped by for lunch during the weekday and didn’t find it very busy.
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Pajo’s (Rocky Point Park): Halibut and Chips

At the eastern end of Burrard Inlet is a tiny municipality called Port Moody which is home to Rocky Point Park. This place is quite popular due to the spray park that’s extensively used during the summer months as well as the numerous trails, boat launch, and did I mention Pajo’s?
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The Sea House Fish and Chips

I’ve driven by the corner of Kingsway and Rupert Street for years and have always thought about trying The Sea House Fish and Chips.  After all, how bad could it be if it’s been in business for so long?  <cue ominous music – dum dum dahhhh>

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Pajo’s Fish & Chips (Garry Point)

Most visitors to Steveston know of Pajo’s on the Steveston Wharf.  It’s hard to miss the bright yellow umbrellas and the droves of customers lining up for freshly fried seafood.  What you might not know is that only a few blocks over in the nearby Garry Point Park is another Pajo’s location.

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Flying Beaver Bar and Grill

After a quick visit to the Ikea in Richmond, we were looking for some good lunch offerings but didn’t feel like Asian because we were just at Cattle Cafe the previous day.  I know, Richmond isn’t the best place to be if you’re looking for non-Asian restaurants but I had a place in mind. Read the rest of this entry

Shady Island Seafood Bar and Grill

Shady Island Seafood touts their fish and chips as “The Best on the Boardwalk”.  That sounds like fighting words if you ask me.  Steveston has no shortage of places to find great fish and chips so what do you have to do to be the “best on the boardwalk”? Read the rest of this entry

Coast Restaurant – Pretentious Menus?

On a rare occasion that we found ourselves downtown (traffic and parking is h-e-double-hockey-sticks down there), we stopped by Coast Restaurant for lunch.  We’ve dined here before for dinner and liked the seafood so thought this was a no-brainer.  It gets rather busy (and loud) in this restaurant during lunchtime as many suits fill up most of the tables so it’s a good idea to come early.  Read the rest of this entry

The Teahouse

It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived in Vancouver all of my life but I’ve never eaten at The Teahouse in Stanley Park.  We took the opportunity to stop by for lunch while the sun was making a last valiant hurrah before the end of summer. Read the rest of this entry

White Spot (Kingsway and Knight)

Yesterday was Pirate Pak Day at White Spot – where you could buy an adult sized Pirate Pak and have $2 go to the Zajac Ranch for Children.  I first found out about Zajac Ranch a few years ago when we were doing some fundraising at work so I know that it’s for a good cause.  While I didn’t get a chance to go to White Spot yesterday, I thought I would dedicate today’s post to White Spot.

One of the things that I like about White Spot is that their food is pretty consistent at all of their restaurants.  And while not all of their dishes may be spectacular, they do have a number of good, comfort dishes that hits the spot (pun intended). Read the rest of this entry