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Rib & Chicken (Burnaby): Korean Ribs and Fried Chicken

Recently, I had noticed a new restaurant open up in the little mini mall on the corner of Canada Way and Edmonds. Located in a former unsuccessful Mexican/BBQ joint that I tried a year earlier, this new place was known simply as Rib & Chicken so I was expecting another BBQ place. However, it’s actually a Korean restaurant that specializes in Korean-style ribs and chicken.
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Slice of Chicago: The Chicagoan

I’ve never been to Chicago before but I’ve often wanted to try a Chicago-style pizza. Known for their deep crust and ample amount of filling and sauce, it smacks in the face of all of the thin-crust pizzas that are readily available in the Vancouver area. And with Covid still going strong, there’s really no better time to stuff your face with a ton of carbs.
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Mr. Japanese Curry: Beef Curry

Ever since we visited Japan and had the most amazing Japanese curry at CoCo Ichibanyan, I’ve been dying to find a really good Japanese curry place in Vancouver.
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Chicko Chicken (Edmonds): Korean Fried Chicken

Chicko Chicken is a franchise that specializes in Korean fried chicken. Recently, I noticed a small sliver of a storefront open up on Edmonds Street in Burnaby. The thing that caught my eye was that there wasn’t a door to get into the place! As it turns out, the shop’s entrance is actually located in the back parking lot… talk about a hole-in-the-wall!
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Mello: Keep Calm and Eat Donuts

“Mellow” – Adj. Pleasantly smooth or soft; free from harshness. I know the spelling is slightly different but if there was one word to describe the Strawberries and Cream brioche donut at this Chinatown donuterie… “Mello” would suffice.
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Salty’s Lobster Shack: Lobster Rolls and Bisque

Anyone else here crave a good lobster roll? Well, there’s a food truck in Vancouver appropriately named Salty’s Lobster Shack.
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Browns Socialhouse (QE Theatre): Patio Dining

It’s been about 7 years since our first visit to Browns Socialhouse. Since that time, they’ve opened up a number of new locations and have taken a spot in the very popular “premium casual dining” market that’s been primarily occupied by the likes of Earls, and Cactus Club. Now, if these places all seem a bit “same”, it’s probably because there’s good reason… the person in charge of Browns used to work at Earls and then went on to open up Cactus Club.
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YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea (Marine Gateway): Refreshing Fruit Teas

While coffee may reign supreme in some cities, bubble tea is really pushing the buttons of ardent Vancouverites these days. Recently, YiFang opened up another location of their popular Taiwainese fruit tea shops. This location is upstairs, near the Neptune Palace Seafood restaurant.
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Peaked Pies (Burnaby Heights): Aussie Pies!

The first time we tried Peaked Pies was in Whistler many moons ago. Since that time, they’ve actually opened a couple of shops in the Vancouver area. It was at their most recent location in the Burnaby Heights area of Hastings Street that we recently visited in July. This location is quite pretty and spacious (especially compared to the tiny shop that we first visited in Whistler).
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Win Win Chick-N (Steveston): Filipino-Style Macaroni

Win Win Chick-N has been in Steveston for a couple of years now and have become so popular that they opened a location in Vancouver. Their Steveston shop is literally a hole-in-the-wall and we stopped by in late July. I’ve heard that it can get really busy here but we were fortunate that we showed up during a slow time (even then they said our chicken sandwich would take 15 mins).
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Kilimanjaro Snack House: East African Street Food

We stopped by in mid-June to a small little shop called Kilimanjaro Snack House. Here, they serve an assortment of east-African goodies to tempt your tastebuds. Our original reason for stopping by was to try their samosas but we wound up ordering a bunch of items (some of which, aren’t on their regular menu).
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Royal Pho Restaurant: Vietnamese Food in Champlain Square

Royal Pho Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant that’s located in Champlain Square. As we don’t have many Vietnamese places nearby, we stopped by to grab some take-out in May.