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The Chicken Restaurant: Asian Fried Chicken

The Chicken Restaurant is a newish Asian fried chicken place (who would have guessed with that name, huh?) that opened up on Imperial St. in Burnaby.
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Ham & Eggman’s: New East Van Breakfast Joint

I’m never one to pass up a good breakfast so I’m always on the lookout for a new breakfast spot… especially if it’s located in an area that is sorely lacking in morning eateries. Ham & Eggman’s is located on Rupert Street, in the former location occupied by Aburi King and right next to Penang Delight Cafe.
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Bells and Whistles: All Day Breakfast

In today’s terminology, “Bells and Whistles” usually refers to something that has a number of additional attractive (not necessarily useful) features. Nobody really knows the true origin of the phrase, but some believe that it harks back to a time long ago when bells and whistles were used to draw attention to something (such as at fairgrounds). In any case, the Bells and Whistles that I’m referring to today is the newish gastropub offering from Gooseneck Hospitality (the same group that brought us Wildebeest, Lucky Taco, and Bufala).
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Earls (Lougheed): Bridge Park

I’ve always thought that the Earls located on Lougheed Hwy in Burnaby was in a strange spot. It seems to be stuck in a little nook that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. I guess that’s why it never seems busy when we visit. Either that, or we’re fortunate to avoid the rush.
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Chewies (Kits) – Southern Brunch

Okay, this is a bit of a late post… over a year late. I found this entry sitting at the bottom of a number of posts in my draft folder that I must have forgotten about. With that in mind, I’m sure the prices listed here have probably gone up since our last visit.
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Yolk’s Breakfast – Chicken n’ Waffles

February was Food Truck Fest at Vancouver Farmers Market and I dropped by on the last Saturday.  As it turned out, the day was pleasantly sunny (but still bitterly cold).  My sights today was to visit Yolk’s and try out some of their wares.

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Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar – Southern Fried Goodness

What do you get when you cross Rodney’s Oyster House and Ouisi Bistro?  A casual spot where you can pick up some great raw oysters on the half shell along with southern comfort food.  Read the rest of this entry