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S&W Pepper House: Stir-Fried Lamb with Cumin

There are few dishes that can make me salivate as much as stir-fried lamb with cumin. Even before reaching the table, the pungent aroma of cumin wakes my senses to the adventure that is about to begin.
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Szechuan House Restaurant

After having Szechuan food at Highgate Chinese Restaurant a few weeks earlier, I was back in the mood for some more Szechuan cuisine so I dropped by Szechuan House Restaurant on Imperial for some take-out. Read the rest of this entry

Highgate Chinese Restaurant – Not Your Typical Westernized Chinese Food

Highgate Chinese Restaurant is located kitty corner to Highgate Mall and in the old Dai Sushi location.  The restaurant seems fairly clean with black furniture accented with punches of red and c-pop music videos playing karaoke-style on a flat screen tv.

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