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Weekend Tea: Fruit Teas

Just because a place is called “Weekend Tea” doesn’t mean that you can’t show up on a weekday. That’s exactly what I did when I visited the newish Weekend Tea located on Kingsway in Burnaby. The benefit, of course, is that it’s not busy and you can get a pic with their pleasant wall adorned with greenery.
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Old Street: Chinese Crepes and Beef Noodle Soup

Old Street is a relatively new Chinese eatery which opened up in the former Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen location on Kingsway and specializes in street food items such as Chinese crepes and Taiwanese beef noodle soups. It looks like they haven’t done too much in terms of interior renovations other than to add the large mural on the wall which explains the type of food that they serve as well as the signage behind the counter.
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