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Purebread Bakery (Gastown) – Chocolate Almond Croissants, Scones, and Crack

We were first introduced to yummy confections from Purebread Bakery last year during our visit to Whistler when they opened a new shop in the Whistler Olympic Plaza.
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Belgard Kitchen – Good Eats in Historic Japantown/Gentrified Railtown

If you’re looking for good eats in an interesting locale, you only have to take a detour to Japantown (or Railtown if you’re going for the newer, gentrified moniker) to find Belgard Kitchen on the corner of Dunlevy Avenue and Alexander Street. It’s interesting to note that, at one time – before Japanese restaurants really took off in Vancouver during the 80’s, the only Japanese restaurants in the city were located along nearby Powell Street. After the Japanese internment during WW II, Japantown never really recovered.
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Catch 122 Cafe & Bistro – Hot Chocolate and Croque Madame

For some reason or another, I’m always finding that I’m out and about early in the morning and looking for somewhere to eat.
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Rodney’s Oyster House (Gastown) – Slapjack Chowder

I’ve been to Rodney’s Oyster House in Yaletown a few times and enjoyed the food so I’ve been anxiously waiting to try their Gastown location for a while.
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Save On Meats – Breakfast in the DTES

As I mentioned in my post on Acme Cafe, there are quite a few popular restaurants opening up in the Gastown/Downtown Eastside.  One of the most famous is actually a reboot of an old institution that closed down a few years ago after a 54 year stint in the same location.  Save on Meats reopened a little over a year ago bigger and better than ever.

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Acme Café – Baked Eggs Benny

Acme Café is a popular diner located in Gastown near the old Woodward’s building.  The Downtown East Side has been constantly evolving over the years – and while there are still plenty of signs of urban decay, gentrification is well underway with many new (and sometimes old) businesses like Meat & Bread, Save on Meats and Cartems Donuterie all opening up along East Hastings Street. Read the rest of this entry

Cartems Donuterie (Pop Up Shop)

The latest craze to hit the Vancouver food scene is Cartems Donuterie (don’t you just love the word “Donuterie”?) who opened up a pop up shop diagonally across from Pigeon Park on the corner of East Hastings and Carrall (yup, that’s not a mis-print).  Touted as offering freshly made donuts with unique flavours and locally sourced ingredients – they are the current darling of the Vancouver donut community. Read the rest of this entry

Chambar – Dine Out Vancouver 2012

It’s difficult to believe that our first experience at Chambar was at Dine out Vancouver 2011.  We were so enamored by the succulent mussels that we had that night that we often thought about coming back.  The only thing that kept us away for so long was the location (we try to stay away from going into downtown at night when we don’t have to).

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Chambar – A Tale of Two Restaurants Part 2

For this story to make any sense while you’re reading it, you have to read Part 1 where we started the night out at nearby Wild Rice.  It’s not that we initially meant to go to two restaurants in one night… it’s just that Wild Rice was “the worst of times” as Dickens would have put it if he was writing about restaurants instead of French Revolution-era human nature, and we were anxious to move onto “the best of times”. Read the rest of this entry

Wild Rice – A Tale of Two Restaurants Part 1

As Dickens once wrote… “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us”.  Now, you may be wondering why I’m quoting one of the most iconic opening lines in written history but I feel that the common theme of juxtaposition between two differing ideas to be very appropriate.  Read the rest of this entry

Meat & Bread – Seriously Overhyped?

I don’t get it…  It’s difficult to go on Urbanspoon without seeing all of the people who rave about Meat & Bread.  I think it might be due to the Anthony Bourdain Effect (or the Guy Fieri Effect if you’re more into Triple D).  People like the idea of finding interesting eateries in strange locations.  And it doesn’t get much sketchier than the Victory Square area of Vancouver. Read the rest of this entry