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Nenrinya Ginza: Tokyo 2017

Our first exposure to baumkuchen was earlier on our Japan trip when we came across Kyo-Baum in Kyoto. This German cake, which is made on a rotating spit, had us so enamoured that we specifically went looking for baumkuchen when we were in Tokyo.
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Ginza Bairin: Tokyo 2017

One of the dishes that you have to try in Japan is tonkatsu. No, I didn’t just misspell tonkotsu, which is a pork bone based broth most often associated with ramen. Rather, tonkotsu refers to deep fried pork cutlets which are covered in a crispy panko coating. Our first introduction to Ginza Bairin was actually on our trip to Hawaii where they have a restaurant called Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin Hawaii.
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Din Tai Fung (Ginza): Tokyo 2017

Din Tai Fung is a wildly popular Taiwanese restaurant chain known for their specialty dish… xiao long bao (soupy steamed dumplings). Now, don’t get me wrong… we were really enjoying all of the Japanese food that we were eating on our trip to Osaka and Tokyo. But, after a while, we started to crave Chinese food so we wound up going to the Din Tai Fung located on the 8th floor of the Kirarito shopping mall.
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McDonald’s Ginza Store Inns (Tokyo 2016): McNuggets and Melon Fanta

After a long day of walking through Chūō (from Tsukiji to Ginza), we were desperately seeking some rest and nourishment when we came across a familiar sight… the Golden Arches of McDonald’s!
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