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Absinthe Bistro: French Food on The Drive

I have a habit of picking French bistros for my birthday dinner. This time around, I opted for Absinthe Bistro which is a smallish restaurant tucked away on the bustling Commercial Drive.
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Earnest Ice Cream (Frances St): Seriously Good

It’s the dog days of summer in Vancouver and the one sure thing that you’re bound to see is lineups outside Earnest Ice Cream. That is, unless you check out their newest location in the Grandview area of Vancouver.
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Kin Kao Thai Kitchen – Minimalistic Thai Food on The Drive

Kin Kao Thai Kitchen is a tiny, minimalistic restaurant located on Commercial Drive. This is also mirrored by their limited menu offerings (they have 8 main dishes, all priced at $12). Due to the size of the restaurant, you can hear the food being furiously cooked in woks in the kitchen.
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Créme de la Crumb Bakeshop (Clark Drive) – Mayan Hot Chocolate

Créme de la Crumb is a growing chain of bakery shops that serves up tasty pastries as well as deli items. The location on Clark Drive is nestled in the middle of a semi-industrial area and, aside from the dark counter area, actually seems pretty bright and spacious.
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Havana Restaurant & Gallery – Brunch

A lot has changed along The Drive over the last quarter century.  I recall back in the 80’s that there was still fairly noticeable remnants of “Little Italy” even despite the influx of Asian and other cultures.  We found ourselves in our old stomping grounds in early February after dropping off some donations to the nearby SPCA and noticed that many of the old shops have been replaced with an eclectic collection of restaurants.  While there were still a few old shops that we remembered, The Drive has seem to undergone a bit of gentrification… if you told me 25 years ago that there was going to be a fish and chips food truck parked in front of Grandview Park, I wouldn’t have believed you. Read the rest of this entry

The Red Wagon – Crisp Pork Belly Confit

There’s been a lot of talk about The Red Wagon (especially since Guy Fieri visited this place on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives).  But is this place worthy of all the hype? Read the rest of this entry