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GI Gelato – Vanilla Citrus Gelato

After my dinner at Cats, I figured that I needed something sweet for dessert. Most places were closed by the time I was done (don’t know why the Granville Island Market closes so early) so I wound up at GI Gelato.
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Cats Socialhouse – The Pub Burger

There’s lots of options for eats when you head down to Granville Island. Until this point, I’ve steered clear of Cats Socialhouse… mainly because the name evokes a hipster-ish place to me and I’m far from being a social person.
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Chau Veggiexpress (Granville Island) – The Golden Temple Soup

Okay, first off… I’m not a vegetarian. I love me a good steak and think that the only thing better than crispy bacon is super fork-tender stewed pork belly. But when we were in Granville Island in May, I noticed that they opened up a new Chau Veggiexpress in the food court and figured I’d try them out.
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Kaisereck Deli – Perogy Plate

When we go to Granville Island, we usually wind up at one of the many restaurants that they have and avoid eating at the food court. Not because they don’t have good food there but because it’s so busy and there’s limited seating.
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Spot Prawn Fest 2016 – Finest At Sea

Last week kicked off the start to the 10th annual Spot Prawn Festival. Unfortunately, like King Crab, BC Spot Prawns have become super popular… especially in Asia where 90% of BC’s commercial harvest winds up.
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Vancouver Fish Company – Granville Island

Vancouver Fish Company is a restaurant located near the front of Granville Island that opened up about a year ago in the former spot of Whet Kitchen. On the inside, it doesn’t look like they’ve done much redecorating as it has the same vibe of wood tables and black booths.
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Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe – Seafood Sampler

Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe has been a staple at the entrance to Granville island since 2002. The thing is… there’s so many great places to eat at Granville Island that we’ve never found the time to try them out… until now.
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Lee’s Donuts – Giant Apple Fritter

I vowed on one of my last visits to Lee’s Donuts that I would come back one day and try their giant apple fritter. Read the rest of this entry

Omi Gelato – Granville Island

If you didn’t know where to look for it, you’d probably have a tough time finding Omi Gelato on Granville Island. Read the rest of this entry

Celine’s Fish and Chips – Granville Island

On a summertime visit to Granville Island with our pup, we grabbed some food from Celine’s Fish and Chips in the Public Market. Read the rest of this entry

Net Loft Cafe – The Big Giant Cookie

I did a double-take when I walked by the Net Loft Cafe in Granville Island and saw the humongous cookies staring back at me.  For a brief fleeting moment, I felt like I was the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Read the rest of this entry

Dockside Restaurant – Linguine

To me, 2013 felt like a very long year so I was trying to use up some of my accumulated vacation with short 1-day staycations.  On one of those days in late November, we decided to head out to Granville Island and paid a visit to one of our staples… Dockside Restaurant located in the Granville Island Hotel. Read the rest of this entry