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Gino’s Restaurant: Gyros

Gino’s Restaurant is located in the heart of Sapperton in New Westminster. The interior isn’t much to look at and reminds me of a sports bar that’s seen better times… the furniture seemed a bit wobbly (the backing to my booth kept wavering back and forth so I had to make sure not to lean too hard).
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Papa Greek (Burnaby)

When we saw that Papa Greek had finally opened up a location in the Market Crossing area of Burnaby, we were quite pleased as there was a definite lack of Greek cuisine in the area.
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Apollonia Greek – Understated Greek Restaurant

Apollonia Greek Restaurant is a small Greek restaurant located just on the outskirts of Granville Island. Given the building renovations they were doing when we visited at the end of July, it was rather nondescript from the outside which probably explains why it wasn’t super busy.
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Sfinaki Taverna – Paidakia Skaras Platter

Earlier in 2013, we had a pretty good lunch at Sfinaki Taverna located in Burnaby Heights (we really enjoyed the Yemista that we tried on our last visit) so we decided to come back out for dinner in November. Read the rest of this entry

Sfinaki Greek Taverna – Yemista? You betcha!

“Sfinaki!”  Gesundheit?  No, Sfinaki is a Greek restaurant that’s located along the 4000 block of Hastings in North Burnaby.  I swear, they have more quality restaurants/food shops along this little block than you’d expect.  Just take a look at Broken Rice, Chez Meme, and Valley Bakery to name a few. Read the rest of this entry

Paradise Donair

I was originally planning on trying out Ole Ole Mexican Deli for lunch one weekday in April but was disappointed when they weren’t open.  Fortunately, I knew that Paradise Donair was located pretty nearby so I decided to give them a try.

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Great Wraps (Las Vegas – Fashion Show Mall)

The Fashion Show Mall located on The Strip can be either a daunting shopping experience or a shopper’s delight.  It’s slightly larger than Metropolis at Metrotown in Burnaby in terms of square footage but doesn’t have as many shops.  Read the rest of this entry

Stefanos – Upstairs, Downstairs

We used to eat at Stefanos many years ago and fondly recalled the great Greek fare that we had back then.  The problem is that we never found our way back here for such a long time.  It’s not for lack of trying though… within the last year, we tried to come here for lunch at least twice and the restaurant was closed on both occasions.

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Ramie’s Greek Restaurant

I’ve mentioned a few times before that Ramie’s is our go-to place for Greek food near our place.  While we’ve dined in this small little restaurant on Kingsway before, more often than naught, we opt for take-out.

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Jimmy the Greek (Lougheed Mall)

It’s often difficult to find food in the mall that’s not deep-fried nowadays.  Surprisingly, the Roast Chicken Dinner at Jimmy the Greek (located in Lougheed Mall) is both tasty and a fairly good bargain at only $6.99.

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Opa! Souvlaki (Metrotown)

As the Greek would say… “Opa!”  What exactly does “Opa!” mean?  Well, it’s basically just an exclamation of joy or jubilant celebration.  And who wouldn’t want to celebrate with a combo plate like this?

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Neighbour’s Restaurant & Pizza House

Years ago, when I used to work on East 41st Ave, the staff would occassionally eat at Neighbour’s Restaurant on Victoria and 49th… I think we even had a branch xmas party there one year and I recall that the food tasted pretty good.  The restaurant is very much like the name implies – friendly, cozy and comforting food. Read the rest of this entry