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Koh Thai: Solid Sapperton Thai

On the corner of Columbia and Braid in New Westminster, an unassuming restaurant serves up Thai dishes to the locals in the Sapperton neighbourhood. Formerly known as Go Thai, the restaurant has changed owners as well as names (now known as the phonetically similar Koh Thai).
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Thai Box 2Go: Not Just Take-Out

While I’ve been to Thai Box 2Go in the past, I can’t really recall why I haven’t been back here recently. Contrary to what you might think based on their name, this Thai eatery located on Sixth Street in New Westminster, has a fairly comfortable dine-in seating area.
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Thai New West: Drunken Noodles

Located in the heart of the Sapperton district of New Westminster, Thai New West is an appropriately named Thai restaurant that we’ve visited in the past. I’m not sure what it is, but I seem to have been doing a lot of repeat Thai visits to the New West area over the last little while.
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Patsara Thai: Some Potential But Needs Work

When I first discovered Patsara Thai in New Westminster, I was quite excited. The restaurant is fairly unassuming from the outside. The only clue that this building contains a Thai restaurant is the completely purple exterior and the small sign in the window.
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Pink Elephant Thai (Marpole) – Needs Some Work

Pink Elephant Thai is part of the Thai House group of restaurants that also includes their signature Thai House restaurants as well as Urban Thai Bistro. My impression is that Pink Elephant is going more for the younger crowds who may be more interested in style than anything else. They had recently opened a location in the new Marine Gateway complex, near Dublin Crossing Irish Pub.
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Aree Thai – Menu Needs Updating

Aree Thai has been on my radar for quite some time. It’s located in a fairly non-descript section of Kingsway so I always wind up driving by it without stopping. Our visit was actually prompted by an aborted attempt to go back to Oka-San on Fraser. As it turned out, Oka-San was closed due to unforeseen circumstances so we headed over to Aree Thai to grab a late lunch.
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Chada Thai – Average Eats

Chada Thai, not to be confused with Chad Thai in North Burnaby, is located in the Pinetree Village shopping centre in Coquitlam, next door to C-Lovers Fish & Chips.
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Kin Kao Thai Kitchen – Minimalistic Thai Food on The Drive

Kin Kao Thai Kitchen is a tiny, minimalistic restaurant located on Commercial Drive. This is also mirrored by their limited menu offerings (they have 8 main dishes, all priced at $12). Due to the size of the restaurant, you can hear the food being furiously cooked in woks in the kitchen.
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Go Thai – Thai Food in Sapperton

There’s no denying it… the outside of Go Thai is nothing to write home about and looks kind of like a shack. Located on the corner of E. Columbia and Braid in the historic Sapperton area of New West, I’ve driven by this restaurant on a number of occasions but have usually just kept driving on.
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Thai Escape – Thai near Joyce Skytrain

Back on October 8th, 2013, a new Thai restaurant opened up near the Joyce Skytrain station where the old Solav Souvlaki used to be. Read the rest of this entry

Thai Cafe – Tight Seating in Burnaby Heights

Thai Cafe is another one of those small little restaurants located in Burnaby Heights.  We came by for lunch one weekday with some mixed results.

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Days Thai

Days Thai is located is a small mini mall on the corner of Edmonds and Canada Way.  Because of the busy intersection, the parking lot is usually full from all the people frequenting the 7-11.  Fortunately, there is some nearby parking along Edmonds. Read the rest of this entry