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Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck at The Waldorf

What do you do if you have a huge parking lot that’s being under utilized?  If you’re The Waldorf, you gather together a bunch of food trucks and arrange to have a good old fashion food fest.  Read the rest of this entry


The Mac Shack – In Search of Mac ‘n Cheese and Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Part 1)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I really like mac ‘n cheese.  The problem with comfort food like mac ‘n cheese is that everyone’s idea of the perfect mac ‘n cheese is a little different and unless you share the same childhood memories associated with it, you might be disappointed by other people’s interpretation of the dish.

There have been two places that I’ve had on my wishlist to try for a while for their mac ‘n cheese: Au Petit Chavignol and The Mac Shack.  So, I decided to go on a Mac ‘n Cheese Expedition and try them both out on the same day. Read the rest of this entry