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Nisshin Tasuke (Tsukiji Fish Market): Tokyo 2017

In addition to the famous sushi restaurants that Tsukiji Fish Market is known for, there are a number of small stalls littered around the market hawking various street food items.
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Edo Mirakuchaya Sora Machi Tei: Tokyo 2017

One of the things that quickly becomes obvious when dining in Tokyo is that most restaurants are small and specialize in their own niche of foods. So if you’re in the mood for a little bit of this and a little bit of that… it becomes exponentially harder to find a place that will meet your needs.
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Sennariya (Kuromon Ichiba Market): Osaka 2017

If sushi isn’t your thing and you find yourself in Kuromon Ichiba Market, all is not lost. They also grill up pretty much any kind of seafood that you can imagine. Sennariya is one such shop where you can find grilled seafood.
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