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8 @ Doneras: Middle Eastern in New West

8 @ Doneras is a small little donair shop located on Eighth Street in New Westminster, across from Douglas College and in the same complex as Rong Rong Tea House. I’m often surprised at how good food can be at these little nondescript places.
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Gino’s Restaurant: Gyros

Gino’s Restaurant is located in the heart of Sapperton in New Westminster. The interior isn’t much to look at and reminds me of a sports bar that’s seen better times… the furniture seemed a bit wobbly (the backing to my booth kept wavering back and forth so I had to make sure not to lean too hard).
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Great Wraps (Las Vegas – Fashion Show Mall)

The Fashion Show Mall located on The Strip can be either a daunting shopping experience or a shopper’s delight.  It’s slightly larger than Metropolis at Metrotown in Burnaby in terms of square footage but doesn’t have as many shops.  Read the rest of this entry

Opa! Souvlaki (Metrotown)

As the Greek would say… “Opa!”  What exactly does “Opa!” mean?  Well, it’s basically just an exclamation of joy or jubilant celebration.  And who wouldn’t want to celebrate with a combo plate like this?

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