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Yauti Jr. Food Stall (New Westminster): Congee and Chinese Donuts

A few months ago, a new congee spot opened up in the former location of Young’s Cafe on 12th Street in New West. It looks like they’ve done a bit of renos inside to clean things up but the interior is quite stark and utilitarian.
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The Boss Restaurant: Somewhat Sad HK Style Cafe

The Boss Restaurant, located in Metropolis, has been around for a number of years and is still quite busy serving up popular HK-style cafe items. Recently, they underwent a renovation which made things a bit brighter with more glass so we decided to pop in for a visit.
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Hong Kong No 1 Chinese Restaurant: Hot Pot Combo

Located in a strip mall on Kingsway, Hong Kong No 1 Chinese Restaurant wasn’t in our initial plans for dinner in early August. Instead, we had planned to go to a nearby restaurant but were turned away because they were all booked up. I recall visiting the former occupant of this particular location (Wei Dao Cafe, I believe) a few years ago and not much has been done to the interior decor. Although something that I did notice right away was their use of a whole menagerie of different chairs for their large tables.
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Friends BBQ (North Road): Chinese BBQ in Koreantown

If you ever find yourself around North Road and Lougheed Hwy, you’ll probably notice the proliferation of Korean restaurants. After having Korean for a number of days in a row, I was getting a bit anxious to try something else so I wound up stopping by Friends BBQ.
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Mui Garden (Richmond): Curry Beef Brisket and Baked Pork Chop on Rice

If you’ve ever been around the Victoria Drive area near East 41st Avenue, you’ve probably seen the popular HK Style Cafe known as Mui Garden. As it turns out, they also have a Richmond location (they had another location on Main Street that closed out last year).
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Cattle Cafe (Edmonds): Crispy Pork Chops on Ramen

After being located near the corner of Kingsway and Edmonds for a few years, the Cattle Cafe has recently reopened a short distance away on Edmonds (about a block away from Canada Way).
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Happy Day Cafe: Loud and Busy HK Style Cafe

Happy Day Cafe is a relatively new HK style cafe that opened in the former Bino’s location on Kingsway in Vancouver. If you’ve even dined at the Bino’s that used to be here, you can appreciate the renovations that have been put into place for the new establishment.
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Alleluia Cafe – HK Style Cafe

Alleluia Cafe is a rather popular HK style cafe located in Richspot Plaza in Richmond. I came by early one morning before my trek out along the Iona Pipeline.
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Main Island Cafe – Baked Seafood on Rice

Main Island Cafe is a newish HK-style cafe that’s occupying the former location of Curry King Cafe. I don’t think they did much work on this place as the interior still feels tired and dated.
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Honolulu Cafe – Baked Pork Chop on Rice

So, we were having a bit of Hawaii withdrawal after we returned from our vacation in Oahu. When we were looking for some eats and drove past Honolulu Cafe on Kingsway, we figured… what the heck.
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Chef Corner Restaurant

Chef Corner Restaurant opened up in the former Black Dragon Sushi location on Kingsway and is kind of like a Taiwanese/HK-style cafe.
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Mambo Cafe – Curry Beef Brisket and Baked Pork Chop

Every now and again, I get a craving for the kind of food that you can only get at HK style cafes, like Mambo Cafe located in Aberdeen Centre.  I suppose this is the Asian equivalent of getting a Big Mac combo at McDonalds. Read the rest of this entry