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Coco Cove (Hawaii 2016) – Poke and Mochi Ice Cream

Okay, so everyone that’s been to Waikiki knows about ABC Stores… one, maybe two, on every block and chock full of things that most tourists are looking for including sundries and snacks. Well, Coco Cove doesn’t have as many locations (currently 2 in Waikiki) but it’s not just another ABC Store.
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Curry Cafe (Waikiki 2015) – Loco Moco and Dole Whip

One of the things that I love about Hawaii is that you can find great eats just about anywhere. Take, for example, the Royal Hawaiian Center on Kalakaua Avenue. While there are restaurants aplenty throughout the area, you only have to head to their food court located on the 2nd floor to get some tasty eats.
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Amato Gelato Cafe (Mario’s Gelati)

Mario’s Gelati has been around for years… I mean… a really, really, long time. Even before my first visit back in the 80’s, Mario has been serving up the tastiest gelato at their Amato Gelato Cafe as well as supplying many restaurants with their ice cream.
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Rain or Shine Ice Cream – Malted Chocolate Honeycomb

There used to be a time when Vancouver was strictly known for our rain… we had two good months of sunny weather followed by ten months of dreary rain. Hence, the partly sarcastic nickname, “Raincouver”. I suppose global warming is finally catching up to us since this year has seemed more like “Suncouver”.
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Soft Peaks Ice Cream

What could be more Vancouver than enjoying ice cream on a hot summer day? It seems like there’s all sorts of ice cream places popping up over town lately. Soft Peaks is one of the many popular spots located in Gastown.
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BETA5 Chocolates – Cream Puffs, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Caramels

If you live in Vancouver and check out Instagram, you’ve probably seen all of the cool pics of mega-thick ice cream sandwiches from Beta5.
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Earnest Ice Cream (Fraser St) – Super Creamy

Earnest Ice Cream has been the darling child of the ice cream business in Vancouver since they first opened. From the use of reusable pint-sized glass jars (returnable for a $1 refund) to the simple, yet original flavours, there’s not much that you could find fault with.
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COWS (Whistler 2015) – Udderly Delicious Ice Cream

A stop in Whistler means COWS ice cream! I remember when they used to have a store on Robson in Vancouver… aside from just ice cream, they also have a fun collection of cows-related clothing.
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Hatley Gelato Scoops (Whistler 2015)

Summer weather in Whistler means it’s time for ice cream!
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Omi Gelato – Granville Island

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Bella Gelateria – Mint Chocolate Chip

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Krause Berry Farms

Krause Berry Farms spans over 200 acres in Langley Township and is more than just a berry farm… they’ve got a bakery, fudgery, creamery, market and winery. In some respects, it reminds me of our visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon. Read the rest of this entry