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Desi Turka Indian Cuisine: Chicken Vindaloo and Lamb Curry

Along 6th Street, near the Burnaby-New Westminster border, a rather unassuming restaurant named Desi Turka Indian Cuisine serves up some fairly good East Indian fare. If it wasn’t for the aroma of Indian spices emanating from restaurant, you’d hardly know that it was there.
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Indian Bombay Bistro: Chicken Malai

Indian Bombay Bistro is a surprisingly good restaurant located on 6th Street in Burnaby that I’ve been to on a number of occasions.
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Chettinad Dosa Palace: Lamb Vindaloo Dosa

I’m not really sure why it’s taken me so long to try dosas… I’ve always driven by House of Dosa on Kingsway but never stopped by. Well, one day I decided on trying Chettinad Dosa Palace in Burnaby, near the Safari Snack House.
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Safari Snack House & Grill: Samoas and Kebabs

Safari Snack House is a tiny little shop located in a mini mall on Canada Way. I came here around noon for lunch on a weekday and found that it was quite busy… especially with people coming for take-out orders.
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East is East (Main St): The Silk Route Feast

Many moons ago, I recall reading about the Silk Route in Social Studies. Truthfully, I don’t remember much about it. But if it tasted as good as our visit to East is East, maybe I would have remembered more.
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Naan Bites – Queensborough Landing

Naan Bites is a popular eatery in Queensborough Landing. I actually tried to come here twice but it was so busy on each visit that I wound up going to nearby Pho Express Angkor instead.
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Tasty Indian Bistro – Keema Masala

What do you call a bistro that serves tasty Indian food? Why Tasty Indian Bistro, of course! Truth be told, I feel like this restaurant is a little big to be considered a “bistro”. Fortunately, the food is tasty!
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East is East (Kits) – Poetic Cuisine

Taken from the first line in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, The Ballad of East and West, you could be forgiven for taking the phrase out of context.
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Tasty Indian Bistro – Modern Indian Cuisine

With the word “Tasty” front and centre in their name, you’ve got to expect that the food better be up to snuff. Tasty Indian Bistro has been around since 2011, located on busy 120th Street that straddles North Delta and Surrey.
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Indian Bombay Bistro – Garlic Naan

I’ve must have driven along 6th Street in Burnaby a number of times but have never really noticed the Indian Bombay Bistro that opened up about a year and a half ago on the corner of Graham Avenue until recently.
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Indian Wok – Lunch Specials

Indian Wok is an Indian-style Chinese restaurant (or is it a Chinese-style Indian restaurant?) located on Kingsway, just east of Metrotown.
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Vij’s Rangoli

I finally had the chance to stop by Vij’s Rangoli on West 11th recently and was super impressed by the flavours. They’ve done a good job of tempering the spices as not to overwhelm the palates of their regular visitors. Read the rest of this entry