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Portobello Ristorante – Ossobuco

Portobello Ristorante is a tiny Italian restaurant located on West Broadway that we’ve often frequented in the past.
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La Pentola (Dine Out 2016)

The 14th annual Dine Out Vancouver Festival kicked off with the largest number of restaurants to date (288). Of course, one of the drawbacks to Dine Out is due to its popularity… often overcrowded, rushed, and with food quality that doesn’t always meet expectations. That’s why it’s important to understand what your goals are at Dine Out and to pick an appropriate restaurant. Our pick for our first Dine Out 2016 restaurant was La Pentola – located in the boutique Opus Hotel in Yaletown.
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Olive Garden (Langley)

“Breadsticks!” That one word is sure to evoke both fear in those avoiding carbs and lust in those of us who still give in to our primal urge for crusty, and pillowy batons of baked goodness.
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21 Steps Kitchen and Bar (Whistler 2015)

Since Sophie was with us, most of our Whistler get-a-way dining options were limited to outdoor/patio options. For one dinner, however, we decided to grab some takeout from 21 Steps Kitchen and Bar.
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Trattoria Italian Kitchen (Burnaby)

After a long wait, Trattoria Italian Kitchen finally opened up on the corner of Kingsway and Willingdon in Burnaby. Although I’ve never been a big fan of the Glowbal Group of restaurants due to past service experience at some of their other restaurants, I was happily surprised that the service at this location wasn’t too bad.
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Bon Bon Bakery – New Location

It seemed to take forever for Bon Bon Bakery to reopen. The bakery that used to be located on Victoria Drive has reopened along Hastings Street in Burnaby.
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Ask for Luigi

Luigi? Luigi!?!? Where are you? Hmmm… I’m starting to sound like a little Italian plumber. Okay, enough of that… Ask for Luigi is a tiny restaurant located on the corner of Gore and Alexander, about a block away from Sunrise Market.
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Siena – Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Siena is a cozy Italian restaurant located on West 12th (just off Granville) and takes the name from the city/province of Siena in Tuscany, Italy.
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Salvatore’s La Spaghetteria

Salvatore’s La Spaghetteria has been a staple in New West for over 3 decades. I recall eating at Salvatore’s neighbouring La Rustica a number of years ago but he closed it down a few years back because business just couldn’t support both restaurants. Instead, he combined La Rustica into La Spaghetteria and kept many of the same menu items.
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Anton’s Pasta Bar – No Line Up

We’ve been to Anton’s Pasta Bar on a number of occasions in the past but, unlike our first visit, we refuse to wait in the long lineup that always seems to snake in front of this restaurant.

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Bella Gelateria – Mint Chocolate Chip

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Fratelli Bakery (New West)

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