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Na-Re Korean Kitchen: Modern Korean Cuisine in Burnaby

Earlier this year, I noticed a new Korean restaurant on Edmonds Street in the former haunts of iThai so I dropped by for a visit in early January. The interior is a bit spartan in terms of decor but the servers were friendly and helpful.
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Dooboo: Soft Tofu Soup

Back in October of 2017, a new sundubu restaurant called DooBoo opened up in the former location of Kenzo Japanese Noodle House on the corner of Kingsway and Griffiths. Sundubu refers to soft tofu which is usually prepared in a stew in Korean cuisine. You can see their cute mascot on their wall, an anthropomorphized piece of tofu sitting in a bowl of simmering soup like it was a hot tub.
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Andamiro Korean Bistro – Average Eats

Back in August, we were looking for some new tasty food in our area and found that there was a new Korean restaurant out on Kingsway.
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Pack Li Hyang – Chinese Korean Fusion

Pack Li Hyang is a new Chinese-Korean Fusion restaurant that’s opened up in the old Sa Rang Chae location.
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