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El Santo: Tasty Mexican Food in New West

El Santo is a Mexican-inspired restaurant in New Westminster (located near Big Star Sandwich) that’s named after the restaurant founder’s childhood hero… masked Mexican wrestler, Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, also known as El Santo (Spanish for The Saint).
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El Camino’s – Latin American Grub

After our epic Cuban meal at Pambiche in Portland, we immediately came back to Vancouver and looked for restaurants that served Cuban food only to be disappointed… why are there no Cuban restaurants in Vancouver (and I don’t count Havana on Commercial)?
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La Taqueria (Cambie Street)

I’ve been looking forward to trying out La Taqueria for quite some time. The location on Cambie Street near Broadway always seems so busy whenever I pass by. Fortunately, I managed to visit seconds before the lunch crowd rushed through the door.
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El Comal – Great Tortilla Chips

Back during the summer, we were down at the River District Farmers Market when we came across Green Machine Catering selling some of their addictive hot sauce. While we enjoyed their hot sauce, we were really impressed by the thin tortilla chips that they were using to sample their sauces. We asked where he got them from and he mentioned that they were from a local shop in Burnaby.
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Tacofino Commissary – Pork Jowl and Fish Tacos

Tacofino Commissary is a popular restaurant in the East Village area of Vancouver. When I visited in late August, the place was packed but I managed to bypass the lineup and snag the last single seat at the bar.
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Ole Ole Mexican Deli

Ole Ole Mexican Deli has been on my list of restaurants to try along the 12th Street corridor in New West for a long time.  I’ve actually tried to stop by for lunch previously but they weren’t open so I kept this place in mind for a future trip.

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Taqueria Playa Tropical

So, I was listening to some ABBA before lunch and felt the need for some Mexican food.  How does a Swedish pop group translate into Mexican food you might ask?  Well, the song that I was listening to was “Fernando”. Read the rest of this entry

Chronic Tacos (New West)

If you’re looking for a laid back place to pick up some Mexican-style fast food, Chronic Tacos might be the place for you.  The interior of this American-based franchise is a little too Ed Hardy-esque for my liking (I think my retinas are still recovering from all of the bright red walls). Read the rest of this entry