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Cinnamon’s Kailua (Hawaii 2018): Guava Chiffon Pancakes

During our Hawaiian vacation in May, we decided to rent a car for a couple of days and head up to the North Shore. On the first day of our road trip, we drove up to Kailua on the windward (eastern) side of Oahu and it was pouring rain so we decided to stop for breakfast at Cinnamon’s before heading to the Valley of the Temples.
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Tamura’s Fine Wine & Liquors in Kailua (Hawaii 2017): Seriously Tasty Poke

I know poke has taken a stranglehold in Vancouver but there’s really nothing the same as the poke you get in Hawaii. You can take the hipsterish poke burritos (basically sushi rolls) and poke bowls filled with more toppings than raw fish… I prefer something a bit more classic… like Ono Seafood. When planning for our recent trip to Oahu, I had heard about a place where you can get quality poke from a (wait for it) liquor store!
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