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Ono Seafood (Hawaii 2017): Classic Hawaiian Poke

Ono Seafood is well named – “ono” in Hawaiian means “delicious” and everything about the fresh seafood poke here screams deliciousness. This little hole-in-the-wall place has been on our must visit list since we first tried them out.
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Leonard’s Bakery (Hawaii 2016) – Lychee Malasadas

Say it with me… “Malasadas”
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Ono Seafood (Hawaii 2016) – Poke Poke Poke

Poke is one of the things that I crave when I think back to our trip to Hawaii. Sure, Vancouver has lots of great seafood restaurants and really fresh fish but very few Vancouver restaurants serve up a poke that can compare with the ones in Hawaii.
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Ono Seafood (Honolulu 2015) – Hole-in-the-Wall Poke

It’s true, you can find poke just about anywhere in Hawaii. But, if you’re looking for something special, you’ve got to try this little hole-in-the-wall place called Ono Seafood.
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Leonard’s Bakery (Honolulu 2015) – Malasadas

We missed visiting Leonard’s Bakery during our last trip to Hawaii in 2013 so we were really looking forward to trying out their malasadas… basically a Portuguese doughnut.
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Ono Hawaiian Foods (Waikiki 2015) – Traditional Eats

If you’re in Oahu and you’ve had enough of the beach, you can head over to Ono Hawaiian Foods to get some classic Hawaiian eats. This is a tiny little restaurant that’s become quite popular over the years.
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