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Simba’s Grill (Edmonds)

I had a tough time getting to Simba’s Grill the other day… and I was only a few minutes away.  But with all of the road work, contruction, plus accidents on Canada Way and on one of the bridges, traffic down Edmonds was pretty hectic.

I decided to turn off the main road and take some side streets to get to Simba’s but got lost kind of quickly.  Fortunately, the GPS on my Android phone got me back on track quickly. Read the rest of this entry

Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan – Fried Beef Kebabs

It seems like the fall tv season just started and things are already in re-runs.  It seems appropriate, then, that we go into re-runs as well this week and share some revisits to restaurants that we’ve blogged about before.  First up for your reading pleasure is Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan.

Read the rest of this entry