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Ningtu Restaurant: Peking Duck

Ningtu is a small Chinese restaurant that’s been around for over 2 decades on Kingsway, on the same block as Happy Family Restaurant. The interior has an odd L-shape with the restaurant frontage smaller than it is in the back of the establishment.
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Sushi by Yuji – Popping Ikura

Let me preface this post by saying that I love eggs. Poached, fried, boiled… you name it. So when I saw social media light up a few months ago with glorious pictures of ikura (salmon roe) and quail eggs, my interest piqued.
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Oka-San Kitchen – Momma’s Poke Bowl

The one drawback to vacationing in Hawaii is having serious withdrawal of Hawaiian food after returning home. Thankfully, we’re starting to see some specialty restaurants open up in Vancouver lately that cater to Hawaiian cuisine.
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Aree Thai – Menu Needs Updating

Aree Thai has been on my radar for quite some time. It’s located in a fairly non-descript section of Kingsway so I always wind up driving by it without stopping. Our visit was actually prompted by an aborted attempt to go back to Oka-San on Fraser. As it turned out, Oka-San was closed due to unforeseen circumstances so we headed over to Aree Thai to grab a late lunch.
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Oka-San Kitchen – Momma’s Plate

Oka-San Kitchen is a newish Japanese/Hawaiian fusion restaurant that opened up recently on Fraser Street. I visited in late November when they had been opened for approximately 2 months so some of the items may be different from what they’re currently serving.
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Earnest Ice Cream (Fraser St) – Super Creamy

Earnest Ice Cream has been the darling child of the ice cream business in Vancouver since they first opened. From the use of reusable pint-sized glass jars (returnable for a $1 refund) to the simple, yet original flavours, there’s not much that you could find fault with.
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Koon Bo – Revisit

Koon Bo is the type of hole-in-the-wall restaurant that you don’t expect much from when you first walk in. True, they’ve had a fresh paint job since our last visit, but the interior is still very basic. Given how busy it can get here, people don’t come here for the decor.
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Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot

There’s nothing like cold weather to drive hordes of people (at least Asians) to hot pot places.  It must be all the steam emanating from the boiling pots that helps to keep us warm.  Well, it was a bitterly cold December night when we decided to visit Fatty Cow Seafood on Victoria Drive and the restaurant filled up quickly.

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Koon Bo Restaurant – House Special Shredded Chicken

Koon Bo Restaurant is located in a little mini mall at 41st and Fraser and the parking lot always seems cramped.  There’s really not much to look at here… in fact, it’s pretty much a hole in the wall.  The stark white walls are only accentuated by a bright green and yellow chair rail that is positioned a couple of inches too high.  Note:  since our visit, they have done a slight renovation and the bright green has been replaced by a more subdued maroon colour. Read the rest of this entry

Golden Swan – Alaskan King Crab Fest 2013

Ahhh!  It’s Alaskan King Crab time again in Vancouver.  That ever so short time of the year when AKC is relatively inexpensive and you can find everyone heading to the nearest Chinese seafood restaurant to experience dining on king crab in the best manner possible. Read the rest of this entry

Golden Swan Restaurant – Dim Sum

We didn’t intially plan on going to Golden Swan for dim sum back in June.  In fact, we tried to go to Western Lake for dim sum but the wait was over an hour at 10:30am.  Instead of waiting, we decided to walk up Victoria Drive and hit up the much larger Golden Swan Restaurant. Read the rest of this entry

Angkor Restaurant – The Other Cambodian Restaurant in Vancouver

Everyone in Vancouver knows the famous Cambodian restaurant in Vancouver (hint: Phnom Penh).  Angkor, located in a tiny non-descript strip mall on Victoria and 33rd, isn’t really a fair comparison.   Read the rest of this entry