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Lucky Noodle Chinese Restaurant – Mui Choy Kau Yuk

You would think that with a name like Lucky Noodle, the restaurant would specialize in noodle dishes. I pass by this stretch of Kingsway almost every day but have just recently started to try out some of the local restaurants (partly because my former go-to spot, Rose Garden, changed a couple of years ago).
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Maxim’s (Victoria Drive)

Across the parking lot from Kent’s Kitchen is Maxim’s. There was a time, many moons ago, that Maxim’s was known as the place to go to get good Chinese pastries… so much so that they expanded into a number of locations outside of Chinatown.
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Kent’s Kitchen – Greasy and Satisfying

There’s a reason why I don’t visit the mini mall located on the corner of Victoria and E 41st… the parking lot (or more precisely the bad drivers in the parking lot) is super crazy. If I come here, I make sure to park as far away as possible and then walk in.
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Chosun BBQ Korean Restaurant – Revisit

Considering how many times that I drive by Chosun BBQ Korean Restaurant, you’d think that I’d come here more often. Read the rest of this entry

Hyoga Japanese Cuisine – Aburi Yuzu Salmon Sashimi

When I first visited Hyoga Japanese Cuisine on Kingsway, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did.  Three meals here within two days and I was hooked.

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Mui Garden (Victoria Drive) – Not So Secret Dining Room

We’ve been to Mui Garden in the past, but we were completely unaware that they have a “secret” dining room in the back of the restaurant.  Okay, so it’s not completely secret but it was a surprise to us. Read the rest of this entry

Mui Garden (Victoria Drive) – Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Veggies

How do you describe a HK Style Cafe to someone that’s never been to one before? “Fusion” seems to be a little too haughty as this term seems to have been co-opted by some restaurants that aim to take advantage of the naivety of hipster patrons. No, the eclectic nature of the dishes offered often seems more random than anything else. Read the rest of this entry

Malay Curry House – Lamb Curry and Roti

There are days when you just say to yourself, “Today’s a roti day!”  Fortunately, Malay Curry House is relatively close to us.  Given how much we enjoy Malaysian food, it’s surprising that we haven’t had food from here for over 18 months (see our last post when we had take-out). Read the rest of this entry

Bubble World (Killarney) – Mango Stars

Did you know that you can get bubble tea with “pearls” that aren’t tapioca balls?  Lately, I’ve been having a hankering for mango stars in my bubble tea and the only place that I’ve seen them at is at Bubble World.

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Rose Garden Seafood Restaurant – Spot Prawns 2013

Just like King Crab season, the Spot Prawn season is relatively short but well worth the wait every year.  In the past, we used to go down to Fisherman’s Wharf and stand in line to get our fix for spot prawns.  While the price was good, we soon found out that it was just easier to go to Rose Garden and have it made for us.  The price was comparable to what you would pay to buy them yourself and it’s all cooked for you.

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Congee Noodle King

Sundays tend to be errand days for us and this rare non-rainy March day was no different.  Throw in a run to Costco and Sophie needing to visit the dog park; it wasn’t until almost 2:30pm before we managed to get something to eat (I’m not counting the quick hot dog at Costco). Read the rest of this entry

Romer’s Burger Bar (River District) – Brunch

While we’ve been to Romer’s Burger Bar on numerous occasions, we’ve never actually tried stopping by for brunch… and for the life of me, I’m not sure why.

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