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Tamura’s Market – Wahiawa (Hawaii 2019): Deli-Store Poke

One of the things that we discovered on our previous trips to Oahu is that you can get quality poke (diced raw fish) in just about any place. We found that out when we popped into a local grocery/liquor store called Tamura’s. Since that time, we’ve stopped by a few more of the Tamura’s locations whenever we’re on a road trip and needing something to eat.
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Bacchanal Buffet (Las Vegas – Caesars Palace)

A visit to Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without trying out one of the buffets.  Don’t let the pricetag dissuade you, compared to many of the high-end restaurants on The Strip, casino buffets tend to be a bargain… especially when you consider what you get for your buck.

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Max’s Burgers

Max’s Burgers opened up earlier this year but we simply haven’t found the time to try them out until recently.  I’ve heard mixed reviews of the place but it’s always hard to judge just based on one review. Read the rest of this entry

Sun Sui Wah – King Crab 2012

Last year during King Crab season, we visited Sun Sui Wah a couple of times (see All Hail the King (Crab)! and King Crab 2.0) so it only made sense for us to start this year’s King Crab season at Sun Sui Wah again. Read the rest of this entry

Excelsior Restaurant – The King Crab and I

In the immortal words of Stan Lee, “Excelsior!”  Note: for all of you non-nerds, Stan Lee is an icon in Marvel comics and uses the word “Excelsior” as his catchphrase.

It may be the end of April, but you can still find Alaskan King Crab in Vancouver (although the prices are a wee bit higher).  Someone had recommended Excelsior as THE place to get king crab.  Since we didn’t get it last week at Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant we decided to try it out for lunch. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Family Restaurant

We weren’t planning on having Chinese food.  In fact, we were walking into the KFC on Kingsway and Gladstone when we started smelling something really good… and we knew it wasn’t coming from the KFC!  There was a long line up at the KFC so I went to investigate the aromas coming from the restaurant next door.  To my surprise, it was pretty full considering it was a Thursday night.  I asked for a take-out menu and headed back to the KFC.  While waiting, we poured over the fairly extensive take-out menu (266 items) and figured we’d rather have Chinese instead so we high-tailed it out of the KFC and walked next door.  The restaurant is faily small so we were lucky they still had some small booths available. Read the rest of this entry

Sun Sui Wah – King Crab 2.0

King Crab at Sun Sui Wah – Round 2.

If you’ve read my previous blog, you’ll recall that we had some set backs with our King Crab Feast when we went on a weekend… This time around, we chose wisely and went on a weekday (hoping it would be slower and, therefore, better service).  Here’s a link the the last King Crab post: All Hail the King (Crab)! Read the rest of this entry

All Hail the King (Crab)!

First off, let me apologize for the cell phone photos… they really don’t do justice to the food.

Now I know that we live in Vancouver and you can get King Crab at most good seafood restaurants any time of the year… but there’s just something different about eating it during King Crab season.  Every year, we look forward to March and enjoying these tasty crustaceans.  I’ve only seen Deadliest Catch once – never really got interested in how these mighty beasts get caught, just happy to eat them! Read the rest of this entry