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Fat Boy Kitchen: Comfort Food

You know, with a name like Fat Boy Kitchen, it evokes a certain style of food… I mean, don’t expect anything too healthy here. Instead, they focus on hearty meals that fill your belly like noodle soups and rice combos that you’d find at most HK or Taiwanese cafes.
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Deer Garden Signatures (Burnaby): Malay Laksa

Deer Garden Signatures is a popular Taiwanese-style noodle house chain that recently opened a location in Burnaby. I first visited this location in early June and have since had a couple of revisits.
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Cattle Cafe (Edmonds): Crispy Pork Chops on Ramen

After being located near the corner of Kingsway and Edmonds for a few years, the Cattle Cafe has recently reopened a short distance away on Edmonds (about a block away from Canada Way).
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Deer Garden Signatures – Malay Laksa Soup

Deer Garden Signatures is a fairly popular chain restaurant. Never having been to the location at Venezia Place before, I had a difficult time actually finding it because it’s located on the second floor of this complex.
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Kaya Malay Bistro

Kaya Malay Bistro, located near A Taste of Vietnam along West Broadway, is a relatively new restaurant that has opened up.  Never one to pass up a good roti, when we found ourselves in search for some lunch in Fairview, I couldn’t help but stop by. Read the rest of this entry

Cattle Cafe (Metrotown)

While the interior furnishings of the Cattle Cafe near Metrotown is similar to the one on Edmonds (lots of 70’s circle prints), the Metrotown location feels a bit tired.  It was quite busy at this location when we visited at 1pm and it seemed to take forever for our food to come out (we thought they lost our order). Read the rest of this entry

Cattle Cafe (Edmonds) – Malay Laksa, Bubble Waffles, and Lemon Ribena

Cattle Cafe recently opened up in the Edmonds area (in an old Pizza Pizza location) and was fairly quiet when I arrived just after 11am for lunch.  The interior is clean and bright – the big circle prints on the furniture had me wondering if I walked into a time machine taking me back to the seventies.  Read the rest of this entry

Kari House Restaurant – Malaysian Food in Steveston

There’s a ton of places to find fish and chips in Steveston but what do you do if you have a hankering for something a little different?  What about Malaysian food on the pier?  Fortunately, the one Malaysian restaurant in Steveston happens to be right on the pier (albeit a bit hidden) located near the Hog Shack.

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Tropika (Aberdeen)

Is there actually any shopping to do in Aberdeen Centre that doesn’t involve food?  Well, on this one weekend, we came by to pick up some cables from NCIX and bumped into our nephew and his friends so we decided to try out Tropika (located on the lower floor near Mei Jan Hong). Read the rest of this entry

Penang Delight Cafe – Seafood Laksa

Not too long ago, we had our first visit to Penang Delight Cafe on Rupert Street.  The food was pretty good so when we found ourselves running errands in the neighbourhood recently, we wound up stopping by for another go.  One of the things that we enjoy about Penang Delight is the music that they play – not your usual top 40’s stuff.  It might seem a little odd to hear 70’s western music while enjoying some terrific Malaysian cuisine, but we liked it.

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Tamarind Hill (New West) – Malaysian Food Near the Nexus of the Universe

After a long hike at Stanley Park, we came home hungry and tired.  Memories of the roti canai at Malay Curry House gave me a craving for some Malaysian food so we headed out to the small New West location of Tamarind Hill on 6th Avenue. Read the rest of this entry

Banana Leaf (Fairview) – Rasa Summer Platter

Summer barely started in Vancouver this year and now it’s almost over… what’s a person to do?  Get down to a restaurant and try out their special summer menus before they disappear for the season! Read the rest of this entry