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Anatolia’s Gate

I can’t believe that I’ve been working a few blocks away from Anatolia’s Gate for about 6 years now and I’ve never tried them out.  Thanks to Taya and Gary’s recent review, I just had to try the spot out for myself. Read the rest of this entry

Columbus Restaurant

We didn’t really feel like cooking tonight and, as luck would have it, a flyer for Columbus Restaurant came in the junk mail today.  Columbus Restaurant is a small little restaurant tucked away in a little corner of Killarney Square.  When you enter the restaurant, it actually looks larger because of the huge mirror on the wall that makes the room seem twice as large. Read the rest of this entry

Dockside Restaurant – Revisit

I seem to be doing a lot of revisits lately… this latest one is at Dockside Restaurant.  After my last review, their restaurant manager invited us to come by and take a look at their newly renovated patio but we never managed to go back during the day.  We did, however, manage to drop by last weekend. Read the rest of this entry

Dockside Restaurant

I think the first time I visited the Dockside Restaurant was a number of years ago when I had a course at the Granville Island Hotel.  It’s kind of on the far end of Granville Island so it’s not unusual that you would miss it if you didn’t know it was there.  It’s become one of my favourite restaurants in Granville Island (along with The Sandbar) so when the Groupon came out a while ago, we had to jump for it. Read the rest of this entry