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R&H Chinese Food: XLB

R&H Chinese Food is a food stall located in the Lansdowne Centre food court. Normally, you wouldn’t think that you could find good xiao long bao in a food court (unless you’re talking about Xu’s Wonton House aka Shanghai Dim Sum House in Crystal Mall).
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Kyung Bok Palace – Menu Change Doesn’t Help

It’s been a few years since we last dined at Kyung Bok Palace in Lansdowne Mall. I remember our first few visits being not too bad (aside from the lack of service which was appalling even for an asian restaurant). We heard that their menu had changed and decided to give them another try… much to our dismay, the menu change hasn’t helped them.
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Gingeri Chinese Cuisine (Lansdowne) – Dim Sum

There’s lots of places to get dim sum in Richmond but it’s so much more convenient when the restaurant is located in a mall like Lansdowne… plenty of free parking spaces.
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Taco Luis (Lansdowne Centre)

Taco Luis currently has two locations serving up tasty tacos and bountiful burritos… their location in Oakridge Mall and the one in Lansdowne Centre. Read the rest of this entry

Let’s Roll Sushi Bar (Lansdowne Centre) – Custom Sushi Rolls

Why are there so many sushi places in Vancouver? I’ve often asked myself that question only to come to the realization that sushi is fun to eat. It’s bite-sized and there’s so many combinations of ingredients. Read the rest of this entry

Gingeri Chinese Cuisine – Dim Sum

Gingeri is a Chinese restaurant located in Lansdowne Centre in Richmond.  Like many dim sum restaurants, it gets busy here during peak hours… especially with all of the mall patrons.  We arrived for a late dim sum (right before they closed for the afternoon) so service was pretty quick. Read the rest of this entry

Earls Kitchen + Bar (Lansdowne)

For some reason, I always forget that there is an Earls located in Lansdowne Mall.  Maybe it’s because the mall entrance to this restaurant is usually closed requiring you to enter from outside of the mall.  I’m only bringing this up because when we came by to visit this Earls in February, we walked right by the outside entrance and spent a perplexing few moments trying to find the mall entrance.  We eventually went back outside the mall and entered through their outside entrance and sat down to enjoy some comfortable eats. Read the rest of this entry

Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot

When it’s cold and dreary outside, there’s nothing better than hot pot for warming up the soul.  Fortunately, there’s quite a few hot pot restaurants located around the Lower Mainland where you can get your fix.  Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot is conveniently located in Lansdowne Mall in Richmond. Read the rest of this entry

Fair Bee Coffee & Tea

Do you remember the first time you had a bubble tea?  I remember how weird it felt to have to chew your drink because of the large tapioca pearls.  I also vaguely recall almost choking a couple of times… not necessarily the best type of drink that you should give to a little kid.

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Kyung Bok Palace

I remember coming to Kyung Bok Palace many years ago but haven’t been back for a while.  Back in the day (I’m guessing when it first opened) it was quite a busy AYCE joint as there were long line ups for dinner.  At one point, I thought they had closed down but it looks like they are still kicking around.  Read the rest of this entry

Port Seafood (Lansdowne Mall)

I remember Port Seafood when it used to be in the old Richmond Centre Mall food court.  The food wasn’t bad… kind of a mix between a fish and chip shop and a typical Asian food court stall.  I think they moved over to Lansdowne Mall a long time ago back when the rents started skyrocketing at Richmond Centre. Read the rest of this entry