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Artusi Restaurant: New Italian Restaurant in New West

Recently, a new Italian restaurant opened up in New Westminster called Artusi. Located on 6th Street (just steps away from Hon’s), I visited in mid-November for lunch.
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Nizzy’s Cafe: Home-Style Cooking

I’ve noticed the signs for Nizzy’s Cafe in the past… mainly when I head further down Byrne Road to get to Fraser Park Restaurant. Located in one of the many business parks in the area, parking can be a bit of an issue as they only have a couple of spots and the street parking fills up quickly from all of the local businesses.
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Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria: Pizza on the Drive

Anyone remember back in the day when pizzas were called “pizza pies”? I mean, there’s that old Dean Martin song, That’s Amore… “When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore.” In any case, we were hankering for a nice pizza one weekend but we couldn’t decide where to get it from. We were looking for an actual sit-down restaurant where you could not only get a pizza but you could also get some pasta and other stuff… and I guess we’re a bit picky with our pizzas.
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Kamini’s Corner Cafe: Quick Eats, Muted Flavours

It’s hard to believe that my last visit to this small but cute cafe, located on 12th Street in New Westminster, was 4 years ago. Back then, it was known as Amber’s Choice Cafe and I had fond memories of the sandwiches and soups that I had here.
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Bella Pizza (Burnaby)

A number of years ago, Bella Pizza was our go-to place for pizza but it’s been a long time since we’ve ordered from here.  The thing that always had us coming back was the fresh toppings.  I think I even remember doing a marketing project on pizza places back in school and Bella was the clear winner. Read the rest of this entry

Roman Ristorante – Traditional Baked Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

We’ve been getting flyers in the mail for Roman Ristorante (located on Kingsway) for a long time but we’ve never been able to try them out.  The first time we tried coming here, they wound up being closed but we made sure we kept it in mind to try eventually.  The restaurant is pretty small – at most 7 tables and, when we stopped by for take-out one night, a bit chilly.

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Cultures (Metrotown)

I have a bit of a backlog of posts that I haven’t got to… here’s one from last December… With Christmas fast approaching, we’re spending a lot more time in the mall looking for gift ideas… which means that we’re also spending a lot more time in the food court.  Unlike a lot of the fast food burger stands, Cultures has a large selection of freshly made salads available.  We kind of stopped coming here a while ago because the entrées started to go down in quality and they stopped offering the roast chicken but we were pleasantly surprised on our last couple of visits that they’ve improved a bit. Read the rest of this entry

Amorosa Pasta House

If you’re in the mood for a ton of yummy carbs in Burnaby but don’t want to line up at Anton’s, you should try Amorosa Pasta House located on the corner of Edmonds and 6th.  Read the rest of this entry

Columbus Restaurant

We didn’t really feel like cooking tonight and, as luck would have it, a flyer for Columbus Restaurant came in the junk mail today.  Columbus Restaurant is a small little restaurant tucked away in a little corner of Killarney Square.  When you enter the restaurant, it actually looks larger because of the huge mirror on the wall that makes the room seem twice as large. Read the rest of this entry

Kinemi’s Kitchen

Kinemi’s Kitchen is located in the Crescent of Champlain  Heights.  There is a serious lack of restaurants in the immediate area with the closest take-out usually either at Champlain Mall, Kingsway, or the Metrotown area.  Unfortunately, a lot of the restaurants either don’t stay very long or move to other locations.

Previously, this particular location was the site of a number of different pizza restaurants.  While walking past the area last week, I noticed that a new restaurant had just opened up.  As a matter of fact, their grand opening isn’t until tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry