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Pho Capital: Pho in Coquitlam

After running out of places in the South Burnaby and New Westminster area to eat, I’ve been gradually expanding my range to areas around the Burnaby/Coquitlam border. This area is primarily known for having lots of Korean restaurants but I wasn’t really in the mood for Korean so I stopped by Pho Capital.
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Pho Japolo: Vietnamese and Japanese Food in Burnaby

Pho Japolo is located on the Burnaby side of North Road, just off of Cameron Street. While I’ve had this place on my list for quite some time, I really didn’t plan on visiting the day that I did… it just turned out that my first choice was too busy so I wound up turning into this parking lot and saw the sign for Pho Japolo.
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Pho Hong Vietnamese Restaurant: Average Food But Big Bowls

It seems like Pho Hong Vietnamese Restaurant has existed for years. The exterior isn’t much to look at… it actually reminds me of an old house (complete will bars on the windows).
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Pho Chan: Solid Vietnamese Food in New West

Pho Chan is a newish (well, newish to me) Vietnamese restaurant that’s located in the former Salty’s Fish & Chips site in Royal Square Mall in New Westminster.
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Miss Saigon Vietnamese Bistro – Charming Vietnamese Fare

Miss Saigon is a newish restaurant located on Kingsway across from Metropolis at Metrotown. Since Saigon was the former name of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, it’s no surprise that this restaurant serves up Vietnamese fare.
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My Toan (Oakridge Centre)

My Toan is a little Vietnamese food stall located in Oakridge Centre. I’m probably dating myself here… but I remember back when Oakridge was an open-air mall.
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