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Ningtu Restaurant: Peking Duck

Ningtu is a small Chinese restaurant that’s been around for over 2 decades on Kingsway, on the same block as Happy Family Restaurant. The interior has an odd L-shape with the restaurant frontage smaller than it is in the back of the establishment.
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James on Hastings – Dry Fried Curry Dungeness Crab

Back in June, we were feeling the craving for some tasty crab so we headed over to James on Hastings… a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant on (you guessed it) Hastings Street.
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Dundarave Fish Market

Dundarave Fish Market is not just a fish market… it’s also a restaurant.  We found ourselves in the neighbourhood late one day and decided to stop by for dinner.  When the fish market is closed, they expand the restaurant by placing tables in front of the fish counter/display.  Read the rest of this entry

Yu Kee BBQ Kitchen – What’s in a Name?

You know, with a name like “Yu Kee” they better make some pretty tasty food.  When I first saw the name of this place, my immediate thoughts were “yucky?”… seriously?  Okay, I know that’s not how you pronounce the name – but in either case, the food is actually really good.

Yu Kee is located in the Killarney Centre mini mall (the same complex as Columbus Restaurant and Wally’s Burgers) and operates as both a BBQ kitchen (where you can purchase various cuts of BBQ meat like duck, chicken, and pork) and a full-fledged restaurant.

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Szechuan Chongqing Restaurant (Burnaby)

Imagine our surprise when we were driving along Kingsway a while ago and noticed that they opened up a Szechuan Chongqing Restaurant on the corner of Nelson and Kingsway.  A sister restaurant to the Szechuan Chongqing locations on Commercial Drive and the one on Robson Street, this particular location is rather tiny (serving as various bubble tea joints, chinese restaurants and a Brownie’s Fried Chicken in the past). Read the rest of this entry

Golden Swan Restaurant

On the few past occasions that we’ve been to Golden Swan Restaurant located on Victoria Drive, it was always super busy.  We found ourselves here on a weeknight a little while ago and it was practically dead (which I didn’t mind because the service wasn’t too bad since we practically had the whole restaurant to ourselves). Read the rest of this entry