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Piggy Smalls (Hawaii 2018): Vietnamese Appies in Ward Village

Located in the gentrifying Ward Village area of Kana’ako (sandwiched between Downtown Honolulu to the west and Ala Moana to the east), is Piggy Smalls. This offshoot of The Pig and the Lady in Chinatown serves up riffs on various Vietnamese appies and small plates. We first came across Piggy Smalls in 2017 after visiting nearby Hakubundo for some Japanese pens.
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Piggy Smalls (Hawaii 2017): Laotian Fried Chicken and Long Toast

Back in 2016, we found a fun restaurant in Chinatown called The Pig and the Lady which served up some seriously tasty Vietnamese dishes. So when we were planning our trip this year, we wanted to stop by their newest sister restaurant called Piggy Smalls.
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