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Golden Eats Seafood Restaurant: Lobster Sticky Rice

It seems like everywhere you go nowadays, Chinese restaurants are offering lobster sticky rice. If you’ve never had this before, it’s exactly what it sounds like… a big serving of sticky rice with lobster. Sticky rice is a serious comfort food and lobster just kicks up the luxuriousness of it all.
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Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar (Hawaii 2017): Happy Hour

Sansei Seafood Restaurant and DK Steakhouse have been two of our favourite spots to dine in Waikiki since we first found them a few years ago. And although we were aiming to try a bunch of new restaurants, the pull of delicious food from Sansei Seafood couldn’t keep us away.
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Ho Yuen Kee: Lobster Sticky Rice

After trying the Lobster Sticky Rice at Flamingo House, we were interested to see how this dish fared at other restaurants. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of the Lobster Sticky Rice at Ho Yuen Kee on Fraser Street on social media so I figured this would be a good place to try out.
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Blue Water Cafe: Seafood Tower

Blue Water Cafe, located in Yaletown, has been one of our favourite restaurants since our first visit. In the past, we’ve often enjoyed their single tier Shellfish Plateau. However, on this occasion, we set our sights on their signature Seafood Tower.
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The Teahouse – Scenic Views and Seafood Galore

The Teahouse makes the perfect pit stop while enjoying the dazzling views from Stanley Park. We stopped by for a visit last June after hiking around Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. After a short jaunt across the Lion’s Gate Bridge, we luckily found parking right outside the restaurant.
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Imperial Court Beijing Cuisine – The King Crab Feast That Never Happened

We had originally planned to go out for an Alaskan King Crab dinner as March has historically been the best time to go. But prices of king crab have gone through the roof lately… no doubt because most of the crabs are now being sent out to satisfy the huge cravings of mainland China. Still, the price at Imperial Court was $28.80/lb which was on the lower range this year (only a few years ago, you could get it for $10-$15/lb during king crab season).
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Sun Sui Wah (Alaskan King Crab Fest 2014)

Alaskan King Crab season seems to be getting shorter and shorter every year in Vancouver. I think I’ve heard it’s because most of the catch winds up going to fuel the huge market in China.
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Lobster ME (Las Vegas 2013) – The Lobsicle

When I first heard about a restaurant in Vegas dedicated to lobster I thought, “yes, please!”

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The Boathouse (Richmond) – Lobster Fest

The Boathouse has a number of different locations but we usually head over to the Boathouse in New Westminster because it’s nearby.  On this early March night, however, we decided to go on a journey to the Richmond location.  I’ve known of this place before but I also knew that getting there (even with Google Maps) can be a bit tricky.  As it turned out, we did have a bit of trouble finding the place but eventually arrived at our destination after some liberal interpretations of traffic bylaws (but that’s not too unusual for driving in Richmond).

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Flamingo House Chinese Cuisine – Old School Goodness

I found this old draft post that I meant to upload last year but must have overlooked it… so when you’re reading this, please keep in mind that it was done sometime last year.

We’ve been back to Flamingo House Chinese Cuisine time and again ever since we first discovered the place because we’re always fearful that if we stop going, they may go out of business one day.  There have been countless other restaurants that we’ve been to in the past that we really enjoyed but vanished after we stopped going on a regular basis.  I don’t think that we should be too concerned though because they seem to have a pretty loyal following of regular customers at Flamingo.  Read the rest of this entry

Golden Swan Restaurant

On the few past occasions that we’ve been to Golden Swan Restaurant located on Victoria Drive, it was always super busy.  We found ourselves here on a weeknight a little while ago and it was practically dead (which I didn’t mind because the service wasn’t too bad since we practically had the whole restaurant to ourselves). Read the rest of this entry

Fortune House Seafood – Lobster Dim Sum

What’s a person to do when you have a hankering for both dim sum and lobster?  Um… who says you have to choose?

Even though it’s not listed on the regular dim sum menu, most places won’t have a problem with serving lobster during dim sum.  The lobster that we had at Fortune House Seafood Restaurant was 4.3 lbs and served on a bed of noodles in a yummy cream sauce.  The great thing about a large lobster is that it’s really easy to get the meat out of the shell. Read the rest of this entry