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Chongqing Restaurant – Lunch Specials

Some people might complain that the food at Chongqing Restaurant is very westernized but I figure if the food tastes good… does it really matter?  The last time we visited the new Chongqing Restaurant on Kingsway, we were pleasantly pleased that the music that they were playing was from the eighties.  This time around, the music was a mix of new and old but pretty much the same kind of music that we normally listen to (anyone remember Way Back into Love from the Music and Lyrics movie?). Read the rest of this entry

Thai House Royale (Metrotown) – Lunch Specials

One of the worst kept secrets is the lunch specials at Thai House Royale.  Located at Station Square, we’ve frequented this Thai House location for a number of years and it gets pretty busy during lunchtime due to their fantastic lunch special deals for $7.95.

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