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Ipoh Asian House: Mid-Level Asian Fusion

Ipoh Asian House is was a Chinese-Malaysian fusion restaurant located on East Hastings (“Ipoh” being the name of the capital city of the state of Perak in Malaysia). Dropping by for a late dinner in September, we found that one of their popular menu offerings was a 4-dish meal for $69.80 which included an order of crab.
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Amay’s House: Prata and Fish Cakes

One of the problems with eating out so often is that I’m always interested in trying out new restaurants but there’s just so many different cuisines that you find in Vancouver. Take, for example, Burmese food… I think the last time I had Burmese food was at the short-lived Wahh Tea on Joyce.
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Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant: Lunch Add-Ons

Green & Oak is one of the newer Malaysian restaurants in town and situated just east of Boundary Road on Hastings Street. We arrived in mid-April (right before they were set to temporarily close down for some kitchen renovations) for a late lunch/early dinner and were fortunate that they were still offering their special lunch add-on menu (where you can order smaller versions of their appies).
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Penang Bistro: Solid Malaysian Food

We’ve always been a fan of Malaysian food. That’s why it’s surprising that we’ve never heard of Penang Bistro on Fraser before (on the same block as Earnest Ice Cream). Based on the name, I wasn’t sure if they are related to Penang Delight… but they do seem to share some similarities.
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Perak Malaysian Cafe: Marpole Malaysian

Back in mid-August, we came across a newish Malaysian restaurant in Marpole called Perak Malaysian Cafe. I’m not sure if this place is related to Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken in Crystal Mall but it seems vaguely familiar.
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Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken – Crystal Mall

Ipoh is one of the largest cities in Malaysia and, Bean Sprout Chicken is one of the classic Malaysian dishes that they are known for. So, you’d think that we’d order the Ipoh bean sprout chicken when we came across the food stall with the same name.
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Angie’s Malaysian Eatery – Bruneian Malaysian Food

Angie’s is a new Malaysian/Singaporean/Bruneian restaurant that just opened up in Burnaby. As they’re still working through their soft opening, the menu is still limited at this point while they try to work out all of the kinks.
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Banana Leaf – Christmas Set Menu

We’ve been to the Banana Leaf restaurant located on West Broadway a number of times in the past and keep returning because the food’s pretty good and the drinks aren’t that bad either.
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Makan Place – Malaysian Food in Burnaby

Did someone say there was a new Malaysian restaurant in Burnaby? As soon as I saw this pop up on my radar, I thought I had to give them a visit.
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Penang Delight Cafe – Milo Dinosaur

“Milo Dinosaur”?  No, there’s no relation to the famous purple anthropomorphic dinosaur on tv… it’s really just an iced malt beverage topped off with more undissolved chocolate malt powder.  It’s actually quite refreshing on a hot day due to the ice cream.

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Tropika (Lansdowne)

Tropika used to be located in Aberdeen Centre before it, and Northern Delicacy, were closed down for failing to pay their rent.  While not the best Malaysian restaurant in the Lower Mainland, it does fill a void when you’re hankering for some roti.

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Banana Leaf (Dine Out Vancouver 2014)

It’s that time again for Dine Out Vancouver!  So many restaurants… so much food!  Speaking of copious amounts of food, our first Dine Out for this year was for a restaurant that we’ve been to before for Dine Out… Banana Leaf on Broadway. Read the rest of this entry