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Ho Yuen Kee: Lobster Sticky Rice

After trying the Lobster Sticky Rice at Flamingo House, we were interested to see how this dish fared at other restaurants. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of the Lobster Sticky Rice at Ho Yuen Kee on Fraser Street on social media so I figured this would be a good place to try out.
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Flamingo House – New Digs on Marine Drive

Back at the end of 2015, Flamingo closed their doors on their popular Cambie Street location. As with so many places on the Cambie corridor, rising land values had proved too tempting and the owner had sold the property. This left us with a few months of withdrawal from Flamingo House until their new location on Marine Drive was ready.
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Koon Bo Restaurant – House Special Shredded Chicken

Koon Bo Restaurant is located in a little mini mall at 41st and Fraser and the parking lot always seems cramped.  There’s really not much to look at here… in fact, it’s pretty much a hole in the wall.  The stark white walls are only accentuated by a bright green and yellow chair rail that is positioned a couple of inches too high.  Note:  since our visit, they have done a slight renovation and the bright green has been replaced by a more subdued maroon colour. Read the rest of this entry

Good Choice Restaurant – Dim Sum

There’s a tiny little Chinese restaurant located at the corner of Fraser St. and E 44th Ave known as Good Choice Restaurant.  This area was previously recognized as the Punjabi neighbourhood owing to the large amount of East Indian shops along Fraser Street.  Similar to the exodus of Chinese merchants from Chinatown to Richmond, many of the East Indian shops along Fraser have moved out to Surrey to stay close to their customer base.  Hence, you’ll see a much more diverse offering here now.  Perhaps that’s why they’ve tried to reimagine/rename the area now as “South Hill”.

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Kirin Seafood Restaurant (Fairview)

There are lots of places that you can get dim sum in Vancouver.  They run the gamut of cheap, moderate, expensive, and everything in between.  Kirin has always been on the more expensive side of dim sum restaurants but what you get in exchange is usually better service (let me rephrase that… there’s often more servers available and they don’t all look like you’re bothering them).  I shouldn’t be too harsh though – their service is actually pretty good for a Chinese restaurant. Read the rest of this entry